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Nokia Reportedly Selling It’s Digital Health Unit

Nokia introduced its new smartwatches a while back, and while you could tell that the company has been looking forward to generating more sales, it has had to deal with smartwatches from Apple, Samsung and even LG smartwatch.

The hybrid smartwatch launched with the name Nokia Steele HR is one of the highest preferred watches in terms of fitness tracking for athletes who play games while wearing a device. After taking over Withings, the Nokia Steele HR is basically an incorporation of the sleek look of Withings Active Steel and the technology inputs of Nokia.

The reviews so far, for Nokia Steele HR are good but do not seem to offer the results the company needs in terms of profits. It’s perhaps one of the reasons Nokia is looking to let go of Withings, possibly in the coming months.

Nokia: Learning From Its Setback

It wasn’t long back that Nokia had to nearly wind up its business as it couldn’t cope up with Apple and Samsung. The mobile app stores, smartphones and mobile gaming platforms took off on iOS and Android. The Nokia CEO then blamed it on how the lack of ability of the company to innovate and not take the right decisions at the right time. Now, it looks like Nokia is now ready to learn from its past mistakes.

The company, which once overlooked the potential in smartphones, applications and games, sought more options to expand its smartwatches business since it made a comeback. And, to compete with the likes of Apple this time around, it has ensured that its smartwatches offer everything that its competitors do.

The digital sensors in its smartwatches helped customers to track everything from the calories burnt to their heartbeat. And customers could have access to all the health data they needed, even if they were playing out casino games with the Highroller bonus code 2018.

However, it is rumored that Nokia is soon going to end this venture and sell the digital health business; a move which may or may not put this company in trouble again. The company though seems to believe that proactive steps this time will help Nokia avert a situation like the last one.

The Digital Health Business

When Nokia wanted to develop smartwatches on its own, it looked at the digital health business to give it the competitive edge it needs. The Digital Health Business is a venture by Nokia which includes the manufacture and marketing of fitness tracking devices and smartwatches by Nokia.

The venture was undertaken after Nokia bought Withings at a humongous price of $190 million, which is a popular French company dealing with health tracking and fitness monitoring. What seemed like a good investment to serve athlete and gaming customers is now rumored to create doubts about whether it really fit in with the goals of the company.

Supposedly, Nokia will sell the Digital Health Business back very soon. The company is also looking at other possible options. Looks like the deal has not proved to be very profitable for Nokia and may have to chart out new territories in the mobile and wearable technology markets for itself soon.

For Nokia, the development does pose some serious questions, including how they would manage to turn profits this time around.

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