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7 Ways The NoScript Extension Improves Your Browsing Experience


NoScript is a free, open-source extension developed for Mozilla-based web browsers for the purpose of protecting internet users from harmful site plugins that act in promiscuous mode. Mozilla browser may want to take advantage of the available security feature, but first you need to know the benefits. Here are some of the top ways NoScript can benefit you and your computer.

Anti-XSS Protection

XSS stands for Cross Site Scripting, weakness in some web apps that may allow attackers to inject malicious code from one site to another. Cross Site Scripting can be used to impersonate other online uses or steal valuable personal information. To prevent this, NoScript developed a unique Anti-XSS protection feature that stops attackers from infiltrating your trusted sites from other sites. This makes the NoScript protection virtually indestructible, which is a pretty impressive feature, even for chatterbots.

Better Browsing Experience

NoScript will provide you with a better browsing experience overall. Today’s webpages are packed full of useless sidebars and annoying advertisements, thanks to the popularity of digital media marketing. This can be detrimental to the user experience. Oftentimes, page visitors do not want their screens to be overloaded with content. This is especially true for mobile browsers. The NoScript add-on will remove any and all content that you do not want to see when browsing. This is a huge advantage when it comes to having the absolute perfect web browsing experience.

Application Boundaries Enforcers

Application Boundaries Enforcers is another level of protection developed for NoScript. This firewall-like protection is meant to specialize in guarding against threats that are specified by the user. ABE will guard sensitive web applications relevant to the user, such as social media and online banking, against attackers according to the user’s own preferences. This means that you can set what kind of behavior is normal for a certain application like Oracle applications, and what kind of behavior they should block. This will definitely come in handy when you are too busy to realize any strange activity on your accounts.


Whitelisting allows you to identify particular sites as trusted so that their JavaScript and plugins will not be blocked so you can run a successful jad session. You can even specify particular pages on websites that you trust, or just whitelist the entire website. All you have to do is type in a specific domain when you’re creating a whitelist. There is also an option to allow sub-domains as well – anything related to a particular site. This is a great and efficient way to make sure NoScript understands what sites you frequent and trust.


Not only can you create a list of sites that you trust, you can also explicitly identify sites that you do not trust. This comes in handy when you are surfing the web, because you will not have to worry about any unsavory sites sneaking past your watchful eye when in promiscuous mode. By adding certain websites to your blacklist you are telling NoScript that they should never be trusted and it springs into action, blocking any potentially harmful JavaScripts or plugins from the site.

NoScript Risks

Since NoScript became so popular, many attackers have found a way to exploit NoScript. They do this by creating other add-ons that can used the advanced features of NoScript to make malicious queries and steal sensitive information. To avoid this vulnerability in the add-on, be sure to use only approved add-ons in combination with NoScript, regardless of their landing page design. Or, for a more careful approach. Only use this protection add-on without any other addons or extensions installed.

Use Of The NoScript Tag

The NoScript extension for Mozilla is not quite a unique name, despite what you may think if you are not familiar with the HTML definition. NoScript is also the name of a particular HTML tag. The <noscript> HTML tag is used to define alternate content for users who have decided to disable scripts in their browser. It also is used for those browsers that do not support script at all. The <noscript> tag is certainly a fitting title to draw inspiration from for the NoScript Mozilla extension.

NoScript is an excellent security measure available to Mozilla-based browser users. By downloading NoScript you can add extensive protection to your computer from outside parties. These are just a few of the features NoScript makes available to keep your computer safe no matter what level of multitenancy it has.

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