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Ways Number Keypad Uses Have Developed Beyond Data Entry


Not too long ago, Apple did away with their number keypad. The number keypad is the 17-key section of a standard keyboard containing digits and math symbols. It is often used by overclocked CPU users for calculator-like efficiency when dealing with numbers on the computer or for navigation. However, Apple rid their keyboards of the number keypad back in 2008 for aesthetic purposes. The number keypad was versatile. However, it merely served a purpose that could be carried out by other sections of the keyboard. Still, some computer users may disagree. Below are some people who may still find the number keypad useful.

Not Just Numbers

It is important to remember that the numeric keypad was once used for much more than just numbers. If you have every wondered why the “Num Lock” key exists, this is why. The numeric keypad uses to be used for cursor and navigation functions too. When number lock was not enabled, you use four to scroll left, six to scroll right, eight to scroll up, and two to scroll down. You go also press seven to go back to the home screen, press nine to page up, three to page down and one to end. In fact, some keyboards still include these navigation features on number keypads. Try navigating Yesware Chrome with it the next time you log on.

Ten Key Experience

The people that are the most proficient at numeric keypad use are familiar with the 10 key experience. These individuals can quickly use a number keypad to enter data or perform calculations. In order to be able to add the 10 key experience skill to your resume, you must be familiar with the numeric keypad home row and proper hand placement for typing on a keypad. While these are certainly people that find the numeric keypad useful, there are many other careers that can benefit from learning proper number keypad hand placement.


A number keypad is essential to an accountant’s work. It was specifically designed for users who frequently need to input excessive amount of numbers and other business data. The top row of numbers on a keyboard can be used easily by people typing in a text document. However, the same cannot be said for finance professionals. Accountants work with numbers and spreadsheets every day. The number keypad functions as an accessible keyboard calculator with which they can input necessary digits at lightning speed. Next time you question why the number keypad exists, try creating a budget spreadsheet. You will see how essential it really is.


In the digital age where music can be composed with a software program and rejection phone numbers exist, the number keypad is important. Musicians who work with music editing programs may find themselves slowed down by a lack of number keypads. Changing pitches and choosing notes can be a stressful ordeal, particularly when your hands are fumbling over one another for the right keys. The number keypad is an essential, separate space for controlling pitch while the other hand fiddles with notes. Some musicians find it so vital they are now using external keyboards with number keypads to get work done on a Mac. For musicians, the number keypad is an indispensable feature for work purposes.


Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind for gaming controls, the number keypad actually plays a significant role in controlling computer games. So for those of you who are very interested in what the technology industry has to offer gamers like you, a number pad is the answer. The “Num Lock” option on the number keypad is intended to allow users to switch between using the keys as numbers and arrows. This option was put in place in the 1980s. IBM’s original keyboards did not have a separate set of arrow keys. To troubleshoot this problem, they created the “Num Lock” option. Users could then better navigate their flashing cursors or characters. Now, many old computer games still require the use of number keypads.


You do not have to be a math teacher to deal with numbers. Like accountants, teachers often have to type a lot of numbers in a short period of time for student monitoring and grading, similar to media monitoring. Regardless of what grade or subject they teach, teachers must keep track of students’ grades. When calculating midterm scores in their online gradebook, teachers frequently utilize the number keypad. They rely on this quick and easy method of entering in grades. This helps to guarantee that no errors are made. Next time you receive a grade, remember the vital role a number keypad played in its computation.

Best Number Keypads To Buy

If you identify as one of the workers listed above, you are probably looking to buy a good number keypad for your use. Consider these top number keypads. These wireless numeric keypads offer ease of use no matter where you work.

  • Febite 18 Keys Wireless USB Number Pad Keyboard
  • G-Cord 18 Keys Wireless USB Numeric Keypad
  • Jelly Comb 2.4G 18 Keys Wireless Silent Number Pad with Mini USB Receiver

These three wireless number keypads work with any operating system and offer comfort and portability to anyone using them, unlike Vblocks.

Although the number keypad is slowly being phased out, there is still a variety of laptop users who covet this simple feature, like those who use IPTables. When working with numbers, games or music notation, it is essential to have a fast and easy method to do so. Next time you are looking for a laptop, be sure to check the keyboard before you make your purchase. You may be surprised to find something missing. If you work in the fields listed above, remember this post when computer shopping in the future.

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