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Biotech Operating System Offers Reliable Linux Options For Business


Nuron Biotech Inc. is a company that develops special biologics, microparticles, and vaccines for medical issues such as multiple sclerosis and influenza. The Nuron Biotech website is powered by an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution called CentOS. Finding a good, reliable operating system is imperative for companies like Nuron Biotech. While they are making medical discoveries that could change the world, CentOS is helping to keep their Afternic website up and running. If you are a business owner seeking a reliable operating system to run your website, you may want to consider an enterprise-class Linux option. To learn more about CentOS and other enterprise Linux systems designed for companies like Nuron Biotech, keep reading below.

Biological Cell Operating System

A group of researchers at the University of Nottingham’s School of Computer Science is making a bold attempt to create a cell’s equivalent to a computer operating system. This means that a cell grouping could be re-programmed to perform a function, any function at all, without needing hardware modifications, much like the best VoIP. Obviously, this ambitious goal would lead to a fundamental breakthrough, allowing future computer scientists to create all sorts of life that has never appeared before in nature. This project is being called “Towards a Biological Cell Operating System,” or AUdACiOus. It is crazy to think about, but the operating systems below are the ones that could help make this venture a reality.


CentOS stands for the Community Enterprise Operating System. It is one of many Linux Distributions. CentOS is a community-driven enterprise operating system that is free for individual use. An enterprise operating system is designed to fit the needs of an organization, rather than an individual. These types of operating systems are most often used by schools, governments, charities and businesses like Nuron Biotech. The enterprise version of this operating system can be purchased for a small subscription price. CentOS in particular was designed to be a solid base through which users and communities, like ITAA advocacy, could build their own original systems that are suited to their needs. CentOS offers extensive resources for users to build and maintain their code. If you want something that is reliable and easy to customize to your company’s needs, CentOS is the Linux Distribution for you.


If Nuron Biotech’s CentOS  FXO system is not for you, Linux has plenty of other options available for both the commercial and independent user. Ubuntu is one of their most popular operating systems. It is at the top of almost every Linux Distribution list available. Ubuntu offers world-class commercial support. Like Nuron Biotech’s CentOS, Ubuntu is popular for enterprise use because it is a reliable system that is easy to customize. However, similar to Nuron Biotech, Ubuntu’s enterprise version comes at a price. The cost of ownership is relatively low, but this is something to consider when you are looking for a Linux Distribution system.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Nuron Biotech uses an open-sourced operating system for a reason: they are some of the best services Linux has to offer. Red Hat Enterprise from Linux is no different. It is an open-sourced system that focuses on tight security for your business. It is one of the most celebrated and highly used operating systems by Fortune 500 companies. That may be why it is a bit more expensive than Nuron Biotech’s CentOS or Ubuntu. The cost of impenetrable security is almost $1,000 for just a year-long subscription. If you are keeping a close eye on your budget, this Linux distribution service may not be for you. However, if you are willing to spend more than you would on Nuron’s choice, you may be pleasantly surprised with how smoothly Red Hat Enterprise Linux operates, and you will never have to worry about Office update Mac alerts ever again.

Linux For Biologists

Life Science investigators frequently work within the Linux operating system, but are often unprepared to do so. Cornell Bioinformatics Facility and BioHPC Lab are finally offering a solution for this exact problem. Cornell will deliver a Linux for Biologists workshop that will last three hours over two sessions. In it, they promise to cover Linux operating system basics. These basics include navigating a Linux workstation, dealing with text files and text editors, running applications on Linux, using multiple CPUs and parallel applications and shell scripting basics. If you are a biologist, this event is not to be missed.

Choosing a Linux Distribution system can be difficult for any business owner. However, looking at what other companies use can be a good indicator of what works. Nuron Biotech uses CentOS because it is a reliable, user friendly operating system. If you are considering following in Nuron Biotech’s footsteps, CentOS or a similar Linux enterprise system is a great choice.

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