Wednesday , 29 March 2023

Exciting Office 365 Features That Will Make Work Hassle-Free

Microsoft’s full suite of tools and applications are staples in any workplace. In fact, some of us have used it for many years that the shortcuts to launch these applications or to input special characters have become second nature to us. So when MS office 365 was rolled out offering a new way we can do business, a lot of people think that maybe the interface that we have become familiar with would now be too complicated to use.

True, the updates and new features (which you can check out at ) will probably be a bit overwhelming to understand. But Microsoft has always been at the forefront of providing businesses with the means to increase productivity and efficiency — and now, they have just made collaboration much easier than before.

So if you have been loyal users of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Skype, and all the other Microsoft favourites, here is how you can maximise the use of all their new features.

Real-Time Collaboration With Work Team Members

Employee can now see each other’s updates on a document with the real-time co-authoring feature of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint online. All you need to do is save the document on OneDrive or SharePoint, and then share it using the integrated sidebar with your officemates. You can also use Outlook to share the link of the file that is saved in the cloud storage. Outlook will then automatically give the receiver permission to access the documents in the cloud. But don’t worry, you can always change access settings anytime you want.

Another app that was given an update is Skype, now with an an-app integration in all the Office apps. So as you are working on a report with the team, you can share screens or chat with them through audio or video. And when you close the application, you can still chat with on Skype for mobile or desktop while the rest of the team are editing the file.

Resume Reading Feature And Convenient File Conversions

Say you have been reviewing a document but was called off to a meeting before finishing it. With Microsoft’s Resume Reading feature, Word will let you pick where you left off by automatically bookmarking the last page you have read. As for formatting features, you won’t have to waste time looking for online tools that will allow you to edit and convert PDF with the Save as PDF integrated capability.

Work Anytime And From Any Device

Your Office 365 subscription comes with access to all of its tools and features anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The best part is you don’t need to have Internet access to use them, just as long as the documents are in the cloud storage. Which means you can edit files on your phone and it will automatically update the file saved in the cloud once you’re connected to the Internet.

Automated Email Decluttering System

Probably one of the unique features in the suite is Microsoft’s intelligent email inbox system that declutters itself. Use the Clutter feature to set mailbox rules, and the system will just automatically organize your email so that urgent messages are seen first. Other outlook pst emails can be accessed in the Clutter folder for later viewing.

Work definitely has never been this worry-free. So cut down on the stress and use the full Office 365 suite to make things easier for you and your workmates in the office.

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