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The Basics Of Online Background Check Technology Capabilities

Hiring employees without checking their backgrounds can be risky. You can end up hiring someone who has a long history of violent crimes or just someone who lied about their credentials. This could compromise the company’s personal and data security measures. A background check is the fast and easy process to verify the educational qualification and work history of a candidate. For these reasons, the number of employers performing background checks is rapidly increasing. Learn about the technical basics of online background checks below.

Why Criminal Background Check Is an Absolute Must

Some might argue that even if a person has a criminal record he or she should not be disqualified. In an attempt to rehabilitate past convicts, some states even ask employers to submit an explanatory document how a criminal conviction is going to prevent the person in question from performing the job he or she is applying for.

Employers have a huge responsibility not just towards employees. They also need to solidify the future of the firm so that they continue to make profits and create new jobs. Believe it or not, a lot of that can be dependent on the quality of people the firm hires. Even a few bad apples can completely destroy the office work culture and thus hamper productivity.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), nearly 2 million people each year fall prey to workplace violence. Many businesses in America go bankrupt or face nasty lawsuits when their employees cause bodily harm to customers. While hiring qualified people is the primary objective of any job selection process, it’s also equally important to find ethical individuals who would not jeopardize your company’s reputation.

What Information Does It Check For

Before you go ahead and perform an online check you need to remember two things. Firstly, it’s required by law to get a signed consent from the applicant before you conduct any check. It’s also important to perform the same series of checks for all applicants. Not doing so may lead to discrimination charges.

What information you should look for really depends on the job role you are seeking to fill. For example, checking someone’s health records who would mainly do a sedentary job is nonessential.

Criminal Records: Checking for criminal records is the backbone of any employee background check. Most online background check services like Veromi pull up the entire criminal history of a person.

Drug Use: While hiring someone with a past history of drug use is fine, repeat offenders should be immediately red flagged. Online background checks search private and public drug use databases to reveal if an applying candidate poses a threat or not.

Education and Work History: This is just a simple check to verify if the documents, IT resume and the work experience claimed by a particular candidate is indeed true.

Automate The Background Check Process

In order to check all these facts, you can automate the process with various background check technologies. As background checks go digital, the technology can capture, report and verify data very quickly. In just one day, you can capture information as detailed as DMV records or credit score reports. This saves hundreds of man hours required to manually check the background of a candidate. Moreover, some background check providers are investing in artificial intelligence to further streamline the process and possibly create real time background checks. This would be a great way to protect any company from hiring the wrong person.

Every company should be leveraging the technological advancements in background checks. They can be completed in less than a day, with full details about criminal, drugs or education history. As artificial intelligence continues to drive innovation, the technological capabilities of background checks will continue to improve.

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