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5 Best Online Public File Sharing Tools

Public file sharing services assist many types of tech users during their daily tasks. As a tech user yourself, you can benefit from public file sharing tools by using them for work and for personal use. Business owners waste a lot of time sending emails to employees containing important documents. They need more than just great hosting software to maintain a high functioning company. Similarly, individuals spend a lot of time and use a lot of data sending family members and friends photos via text message. Save time and money by investing in an online public file sharing solution. In this post, you will learn the best online public file sharing tools so you can choose the best solution.

Cloud Storage

The best online public file sharing services offer cloud storage as a tool. Cloud storage allows you to keep the information you plan to share safe. Furthermore, it allows you to share the information from anywhere. You can share online on your mobile device if you store documents on the cloud. A manager who is away from the office can still share project plans with employees in a timely manner. Your grandparents can view your photos from your most recent vacation on their large tablets. Cloud storage opens up doors for file sharing opportunities. For this reason, cloud storage is one of the best online public file sharing tools.

Direct Message Sharing

Online public file sharing services that offer direct message sharing also save tech users like yourself time and money. Certain services provide direct messaging. While this tool is beneficial for communication reasons, it does not quite offer any unique public file sharing assistance. However, when services include a direct message sharing feature, the tool instantly upgrades. If you can send media links directly through a messaging portal, you can guarantee that whomever you are sending it to will receive it quickly. Business owners use this tool when they are unsure if their employees noticed a newly uploaded file. By sending workers the file directly, they ensure their employees will see it. Direct message sharing enhances the conversational feature on online public file sharing solutions.


Online public file sharing services that notify users raise the bar even higher. The above tool becomes even more advantageous when users are notified of their messages. Services that notify users when their files have been successfully uploaded on their public file sharing platforms increase productivity even more. Remote workers often struggle to find working WiFi. In some cases, they think they are connected, but are not. If a remote employee with this tool sends a finished product to a public file sharing platform and does not receive a notification, they will know that their file did not upload. As a result, they can fix the problem quickly and get their work in on time. Task tracking is made much easier to implement. The notifications feature eliminates mistakes from being made, making it a great online public file sharing tool.

Voice Messaging

Another online public file sharing tool worth getting is voice messaging. With a voice messaging feature, you can record and share audio files instantly. After you finish recording a message through your software, it will appear as an MP3. Then, those who you share files with can listen to the MP3 from their own devices. Many professionals profit off of this tool. Consider how podcasters can benefit from this feature. If a team needs to re-do an intro or an ad to include in an upcoming episode, it can be done and shared from anywhere. Voice messaging enhances any public file sharing software.


Lastly, an unsharing tool comforts all online public file sharing users. At times, you share a file with someone and then end up wanting to terminate their ability to access it. Rather than having to delete the file to unshare it with them, you can simply click one button to get the job done. Friend groups as well as businesses use this tool. When a business owner fires an employee, they need to eliminate their insight into company files. This tool makes the task easy and fast. The ability to unshare files is yet another tool that saves tech users time.

Simplify your everyday duties with the best online public file sharing tools. Use a service that offers cloud storage to keep your sharable files safe. Use direct message sharing to draw attention to your files. Systems that send notifications limit errors. Voice messaging allows you to speak your mind rather than have to spend time writing it out in a document. Finally, unsharing tools allow you to alter user accessibility when necessary. Now, you know the best online public file sharing tools.


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