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Top Online SAP Hana Training Courses To Master Database Management

If you are an IT professional who works in database management, you have no doubt heard of SAP Hana. SAP Hana is an in-memory relational database management system from the SAP SE developers. However, many professionals have a hard time using the software once it is first deployed at their company. It is a bit harder to get used to than, say, Teamwork project management software. If you are one of those struggling to acclimate the new SAP Hana software or perhaps you just want to become an expert to earn your SAP Hana certification, keep reading to learn the top SAP Hana training programs available today.

SAP Hana Academy

SAP Hana Academy is the go to source for SAP Hana training. The SAP Hana Academy is the traning course for SAP Hana offered by the SAP SE developers. The best part about it? The training academy is free. The academy is really just a series of free YouTube tutorial videos for users to watch. This provides a great option to learn how to use SAP Hana during those short moments where you have some extra free time.

SAP Hana Tutorial

The SAP Hana Tutorial website is a great option to learn about the SAP Hana software as well as how to use it. The website offers useful learning materials for the database management software and Winhex as well. In addition, they feature useful SAP Hana quizzes to help you test your knowledge. You can also use the site to learn about SAP Hana certifications available or to ask questions about the software on their forum. No matter what you need to know about the SAP database management software, the SAP Hana Tutorial website is sure to have the information.


If you need a more comprehensive SAP Hana training program, Sulekha may have the solution for you. SAP Hana training and certification programs are available on the Sulekha website.You can choose to learn in one of three specific areas: HANA technology, application or support. Their courses promise to teach you how to use the SAP Hana RDBMS system. However, they do cost money. If you want a comprehensive, intensive solution, start by trying a free trial of Sulekha SAP Hana training courses.

SURYA Hana Academy

SURYA Hana Academy offers incredibly helpful SAP Hana online training. These courses have been developed by real SAP Hana consultants that have expertise in each of the offered modules. These database management software training programs are give in trainer-led web meetings supported by simulations and expert support. They suggest this training for those engaged in the corporate sector. It may not be as much fun as Raven software, but it is much more useful. If you want SAP Hana online training programs that promise to go at your pace, consider SURYA Hana Academy.


Intellipaat is an online SAP Hana certification training course. They claim to provide the best online classes to help you learn in-memory database, Hana Studio, Modeling and real time analytics. Their courses help you learn about how to master the SAP Hana interface, as well as the auto documentation process, SAP BO analysis, Master System Replication, data provisioning and ABAP data flow. If you want to work on real time and complex Hana projects using Hana studio modelers, consider taking a SAP Hana certification course with Intellipaat.

If you are an IT professional who specializes in database management, SAP Hana is probably a software you will have to utilize at some point in your career. It is best to familiarize yourself with the program now. Consider some of the SAP Hana training courses online and in-class offered to help you gain certification or just gain mastery of the software for free. Consider your needs and the training programs mentioned above to make the best decision for you career in IT.

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