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How Open Source Business Solutions Provide Much Needed Flexibility


Open source is a term used to denote computer software that is made available to the public along with the license so that both individuals and organizations can use, study, change and distribute the software to anyone for any purpose. Software users everywhere have the opportunity to take advantage of this free technology without attending the Flash Memory Summit, including business owners. Using open source software for your business needs could be an excellent choice if you are hesitant about making a big purchase. Traditional software can become expensive, and open source software offers the perfect alternative. If you are interested in learning more about open source programs and what they have to offer, keep reading below.

More Control

The first benefit to open source software is that it provides users with more control. As a business owner, it is important that you are confident in the software and technology that you use. Unlike traditional, closed programs such as Winhex, open source software allows you or your trusted IT professional to examine the code. Then, they can make changes or fixes in their own time.

Fewer Bugs

Another benefit of open source code is that it will have fewer bugs than a closed program. Because there are thousands of eyes examining this code every day, the code is more likely to be updated with solutions and fixes to any problems that may arise. To learn more, see this abstraction definition. This will also happen much faster than with a regular software provider, who may take weeks to even look into your problem.

Higher Security

Many business owners are concerned with security when it comes to open source technology. However, its wide availability is precisely what helps to safeguard it from malicious hackers. When multiple people are involved with viewing and fixing the source code, it is more likely that a pair of eyes will catch onto potential security threats. Or, they will find weaknesses so that they can be patched up immediately. With so many people examining the code, it would be more difficult for hackers to find a way in, not less.

Extra Support

If you want 24/7 support and answers to all of your questions, an open source software program may be for you. These types of programs often tend to develop a community among their users, which allows for a constant exchange of information. In contrast to paid software like Wrike, you can get free support on active forums. You will always have someone to rely on for questions and support with open source software.


The next benefit of open source software is that allows for customization, unlike Pandora music. The original code can provide you with a base from which to build the program to your needs. If you want accounting software that also tracks inventory, you can build that from one program rather than purchasing two.

Google Open Source

Google is offering a new open source solution to interested web users, unlike Smartops Inventory. Google has used this platform to release millions of lines of code under open source licenses for use by other developers. On Google Open Source, users have access to over 2,000 projects that have been released by the company. These projects even include the recent Rosehub fix. If you want to learn more about open source software, consider getting started at the Google Open Source website.

Open Source Resources

If you want to stay up to date on all the latest developments related to open source software solutions from Greenpages and others, there are many resources available. One of the best, however, is the Open Source Initiative. The Open Source Initiative website features resources on the topic for all interested parties, including users, developers, businesses, non-profit organizations, educators and government officials. You do not need to become a member to gain access to the website. However, you may want to consider taking advantage of Open Source Initiative membership if you plan on using a ton of open source solutions, like an open source ecommerce solution. Keep the organization in mind when you need to catch up on the latest developments in the open source community.

Open source software is an excellent option for businesses in need of a particular program, thanks to nonstop ITAA advocacy. With constant support from a community of programmers and plenty of eyes to catch bugs and security threats, this type of software is exactly what you need. Consider using an open program the next time you are looking to buy new business software.

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