Tuesday , 28 March 2023

Opportunities In GIST Industry Are A Great Choice For Tech Students

Careers in technology are something a lot of people aspire to in the internet age, but choosing a field that will be rewarding and interesting to you is important. For people who have a strong interest in working for things like non-profits or the government sector, one field of technology that has grown hugely in recent years is GIST – geographic information science and technology.

Acquire A GIST Degree

Firstly, you have to gain admission into a strong geographic information science program. Attending an accredited university, you will gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in the GIST field. A well rounded technology education offers development, knowledge discovery and technology expertise. You will be able to read into spatial and non spatial element. Or, you can create geofencing technology applications. Of course, getting into a program and studying hard will prepare you for a high growth technology industry.

Become A GIST Professional

As an aspiring technology professional, the geographic information science and technology jobs are highly demanded. With the increased integration of Bing Maps, Google Maps and Apple Maps into apps, the need for GIST tech specialists will continue to rise. The techs are needed to build, manage and maintain GIST databases. Then, the specialists can analyze components to each mapping system.

Work In Multiple GIST Industries

GIST is used in a whole range of fields, from transportation and town planning to augmented reality mobile phone games, and it is a very innovative sector of technology. The average professional can make anywhere between $40,000 and $72,000. With a huge potential for increased salary, you should attend the best program possbile and take advantage of the career opportunities available. You can find online GIST degree programs from some excellent universities, and as you can see from the infographic by The University of Southern California below, this can lead to some great career options once you qualify.


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