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Why You Need To Attend Oracle OpenWorld To Hear About New Tech


Oracle is a California-based computer technology corporation that specializes in developing and marketing database software technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products. Since 1997, they have hosted an event called Oracle OpenWorld to showcase their latest product features and e-readers, and share other information about the Oracle company. This event is primarily meant for business decision makers, IT managers and product end-users who would be interested in the types of products the company has to offer. If you work in the IT field and are able to make major decisions about the network protocol, software or products used at your company, Oracle OpenWorld may be the perfect event for you. To learn more about this annual showcase, keep reading below.

Where Is It Held?

Oracle OpenWorld is a multi-venue gathering that is held across three different countries. San Francisco, California is their United States location. Additionally, OpenWorld is also held in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Shanghai, China. The showcase and speaker events are held over the course of up to four days. If you are interested in traveling to any of these locations to hear about the latest technology available for your company, you should consider attending Oracle OpenWorld instead of the Huawei event alternative.

How Can People Participate?

There are several ways in which people and companies can participate in the OpenWorld event without opening their BASICS wallet. Primarily, individuals and business reps can register to attend showcases, networking events and keynote seminars. However, businesses can also apply to host their own exhibit, sponsor or advertise at the event. This is a great option if your company has new products or information to share. If you want to join the leaders of OpenWorld, you should look into sponsoring or hosting your own exhibit.

Oracle OpenWorld On Demand

Even if you cannot attend Oracle OpenWorld, you can still learn all about the new digital asset management technologies they talk about from your home computer. Oracle OpenWorld makes on demand videos available after the event dates. These videos cover all of the OpenWorld keynotes. Further, they even have videos of general sessions and executive solutions sessions on demand. No matter whether you can attend the event or not, you should definitely care about OpenWorld. You can view videos of Oracle OpenWorld on demand, so you have no excuse.

Oracle OpenWorld Sessions

While this year’s session schedule has not been released, you can still learn quite a bit about what the event is like from previous OpenWorld session catalogs. Last year, for example, Oracle hosted discussions regarding U.S. presidential election analysis, Agile development and DevOps with Oracle IaaS and PaaS, Brand Experience, CX as a competitive advantage, noscript and running modern business on the modern cloud. If these sound interesting remember, these are not even the keynote sessions. Impressive, right?

Why Should I Attend?

Whether you attend as an individual IT professional or company representative, there are many reasons to participate in this annual event. Oracle OpenWorld delivers exclusive access to the latest new products and technology solutions from microchips to core processors. Additionally, it can help individuals improve technical proficiency and knowledge, learn new tips and tricks for current products and even gain insight into where the technology industry is headed. If you want to boost your knowledge about current and upcoming products, this is the event for you.

How Do I Register?

Registering for Oracle Openworld is easy. All you need to do is visit the Oracle website, create an account and follow the set up instructions. There are a variety of packages available for groups, as well as free student passes for those taking a minimum of six credits. If you are a technology student constantly teaching others tips for refilling jagtag accounts, you are probably the perfect candidate to attend. Be sure to register for Oracle OpenWorld ahead of time so that you can guarantee your place at the event.

What Is Unique About This Event?

Aside from being one of the largest tech conferences available to professionals with or without an Oracle certification, Oracle OpenWorld is also working on becoming a completely sustainable event. Their goal is to become the most sustainable conference in the world. If you want to be a part of their efforts, a great way to start is by registering to attend and finding out how you can do your part.

Early Signup

If you are really excited for the Oracle Openworld event, you can sign up early! Just put your name on the list early, and you will be notified when registration opens up. This is incredibly helpful, because this event always sells out very quickly, though admittedly, not as often as Apple manufacturing events. To be notified when Openworld registration opens up, simply visit the Oracle website and add your name to the list. Be sure to do this, so you do not miss your opportunity to attend this tech industry event.

Oracle OpenWorld is an incredible opportunity for tech professionals and business managers. This event hosts new and exciting keynote speakers while also showcasing some of the latest, most revolutionary products of the year. Keep this in mind for the coming year so that you can register to attend and finally learn more about ITAA advocacy and many, many other relevant technology topics.

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