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Complete Basic Oscilloscope Functions With These Top Apps


An oscilloscope is a device that is used to view oscillations, as of an electrical voltage or current, through a display on the screen of a waveform graph. The most common type of oscilloscope is seen in hospitals as a means of tracking a patient’s heart rate. However, an oscilloscope can be more than expensive medical equipment. Your very own phone can be used as one, just like the apps for pharmacists that are becoming popular. If you are interested in learning how to turn your phone into an oscilloscope, read about the top apps available below.

Oscilloscope Functions

But first, before you download any oscilloscope apps or programs, you need to figure out if it will address your demands. Obviously, if you need help with hootsuite adding hashtag streams, and oscilloscope is not going to be of very much use. What can you use an oscilloscope for? There are some basic oscilloscope functions that all apps will be capable of. You can use an oscilloscope to for sampling and triggering. Sampling refers to the process of converting input signal portions into discrete electrical values. This is done for storage, processing and display purposes. Triggering is the process of stabilizing and displaying repetitive waveforms. Single shot triggering and edge triggering are two common types of trigger controls that your oscilloscope will be capable of performing. Now that you know what you can do with the apps, it is time to take a look at what the best oscilloscope apps available are.


Soundbeam is an oscilloscope app that is available in the iTunes App store. It has a 4.5 star review rating according to over 100 users. The app is designed to be simple and shareable. Users can record the patterns of electrical wave from their DTS surround sound in 15 second intervals. If you choose to record it, Soundbeam will automatically render the recording into a video format. One downside to this oscilloscope app is that it has a limited frequency range. The Soundbeam oscilloscope cannot hear anything below 100hz. This means that the app will not pick up extremely low bass sounds or sub-bass sounds. However, many users find Soundbeam to be a fun app that is well worth the $0.99 cents! If you are looking for an app that will allow you to record and share sounds and their waveform images, consider testing out Soundbeam.

ONYX Oscilloscope

ONYX Apps developed an oscilloscope app that can be used on your phone or tablet. It is only compatible with iOS. So unfortunately, Android users will have to use the help of the Geek Squad to look elsewhere for their oscilloscope. However, the ONYX oscilloscope is a great option if you have access to an Apple device. This oscilloscope app features a real-time waveform display. You can see the waves as they are actually happening. You can also pause the app in order to screen cap a particular part of the graph. Additionally, if you are interested in the design aspect, the ONYX app provides you with three color themes to choose from. The app currently costs $4.99. However, it is well worth it. Unlike the Soundbeam app, the ONYX oscilloscope can pick up sounds as low as 22hz. Unfortunately, video recordings are not yet available. Weigh the pros and cons of this oscilloscope app and see if ONYX is right for you.

Rytech Physics Oscilloscope

Rytech Apps developed the Physics Oscilloscope for users who want a simple sound wave graph creator. To see electricity come to life, simply turn the app on and watch as it picks up the wave patterns. Despite its simplicity, this app is not the most popular. It has only been reviewed by ten users and has not received more than 4 stars from any of them, unlike the recent Windows 10 reviews. However, if you are looking for something that is easy to use with no extra frills, this Rytech oscilloscope may be worth a shot.

XYZ Oscilloscope

Android users can have fun with oscilloscopes, too. XYZ-Apps developed their oscilloscope app for GooglePlay. The app has a 4.1 rating from hundreds of users. 662 people in the reviews even felt that it deserved the full 5 stars. One user referred to using this app as a “science adventure.” The XYZ app features an adjustable gain and frequency. You can see and control how the sound input is working with your phone. If you have an Android and you want to play around with an oscilloscope, this free app is the perfect choice.

For More Sophisticated Needs

If an oscilloscope app simple does not have all the features you need to use, consider an oscilloscope from Keysight Technologies. The oscilloscopes produced by this company are used by all the top engineers, including the ones who developed the Bumtop app, helping them get their products to market faster and enabling them to create the highest performing products with guaranteed exact measurements. If you have more sophisticated needs for your oscilloscope, consider a more high-tech, accurate solution from Keysight Technologies.

A Different Kind Of Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope is also the name of a music and film production and distribution company. The company, named Oscilloscope Laboratories, has three divisions. The first is O-Scope Productions, which produces films and projects in the webcast medium. The next, O-Scope Pictures focuses on film distribution for productions’ projects. The third division is not yet named, but is dedicated to music production. If you are interested in film, this could be a fun company to take a look at. However, if you are looking for an oscilloscope retailer, Oscilloscope Laboratories will not help you out, despite what the name may imply.

Oscilloscopes are incredibly useful to doctors and engineers. They are essential to monitoring heart rates and electrical currents, like those witness in WebTV. However, oscilloscopes can also be used for fun! Download one of the apps above. You can see how music moves, watch how daily noises effect the graph and learn oscilloscope measurement basics. If you have tried any of these apps above, let us know what you think in the comments.

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