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Unexpected Package Tracking App Features Make Online Shopping Fun

There is nothing better than online shopping. It is easy, convenient and enjoyable. You can buy anything you want or need at all from the comfort of your pajamas, or from your work desk when you are just trying to kill the last couple of minutes before your 5pm quitting time. Unfortunately, there is a downside to ecommerce. You have to wait so long for your packages, and you have no idea where they are while you wait. Of course, as with everything else in life, there is a technology solution for those online shoppers that need to know where there package is at all times until it arrives on their doorstep. Package tracking apps are one of the best app downloads for online shoppers on all app platforms. Find out how to download the best package tracking app to track your product shipments by looking for these crucial features detailed below.


Any package tracking app you consider needs to have tracking number auto-input features. This just makes it easier for you to track your packages. Otherwise, you have to deal with typing in a lengthy, complicated package tracking number every time you want to find out where your stuff is. Trust us, this will get old quickly. Instead, you can download a package tracking app that automatically pulls shipment tracking numbers from your email. Just make sure any apps you consider downloading include email integrations that auto-input shipment tracking details once they are found. This way, you can download one app and stick with it month after month.

After Arrival Tracking

Some package tracking apps even track items after they’ve arrived at their destination. This is one of the cool package tracking app features that not many package trackers include. These tools continue to track your package after it arrives at your home. It will not track the actual location of the product, however. Instead, it tracks recall alerts to ensure that you are aware of any product recalls affecting your items. This is an incredibly useful tool that all shoppers can benefit from, not just online shoppers. If you want to track product recalls on items you bought online, make sure to download a package tracker app that tracks product recalls long after products arrive on your doorstep.

Carrier Support

You want to be sure that the top package tracking apps you are browsing support the carriers you frequently find your products being shipped with. Different package trackers provide support for different carriers. Some apps support all the top shipment carriers in the US, like FedEx, UPS, USPS and more. Others provide support for international carriers. Depending on where you live and where your online shopping products ship from, you will find that some apps are better downloads than others for your needs. When downloading apps for tracking packages, make sure you research the tracker apps carrier support options. That way, you are never disappointed with your download.

Status Sharing

If you live with another person, you want to look into whether or not the package tracking applications you are considering include status sharing features. Status share features allow you to share the location and status of your online shipments with anyone you need to. This is extremely convenient if you are tracking a package that needs to be signed for, but you will be out of the house when it is due to arrive. All you have to do is press a single button and your shipment status and associated information will be sent to the person of your choice via text, email or social media messenger. That is obviously much more useful than the status sharing features on things like the music YouTube apps. For those that frequently order sensitive shipments online, status sharing features are must have tools for their package tracker application.

Additional Functionalities

The best package trackers will include additional functionalities for users. They are far more than just a package tracking app. There are some package tracking application options that are more of a digital personal assistant and productivity tool. You can opt to search for more comprehensive mobile apps that include package tracking features. These personal assistant apps allow you to create to-do lists and include those shipments on your to-do list. That way, you can check them off when they arrive and get the satisfaction of having your package arrive and the satisfaction of checking something off your to-do list all at once. If you are a productive, organized person, consider downloading a package tracker app that does much more than just track packages.

All online shoppers want to know when their package will arrive, especially if that package has an Apple watchkit inside. But unfortunately, the anticipated shipment arrival dates included on your order confirmation email almost never wind up being accurate. Thankfully, you can still accurately predict when your package will arrive when you use a package tracking app. These package trackers allow you to track your online shipments from start to finish and even beyond that. If you want to download a package tracker app, make sure it has the features listed above. These package tracking app features will help you do much more than just be home when your package arrives. That way, you can enjoy online shopping at work and at home even more than you already do.

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