Sunday , 3 December 2023

How To Nail Down Pricing Strategies At Your Tech Company

Pricing is a fundamental part of the business model for SaaS products and services. It is not an afterthought to be considered when the core product has been released but instead should be built into the fundamentals from this point on. Many companies are struggling to find the right pricing strategy for their product. Pricing success is not easy, and ... Read More »

5 Features The Best SMS Texting Apps Have To Offer For Business

There are several features the best SMS texting apps have to offer for business. Many companies use texting apps to send order verifications, appointment reminders and store promotions. Plus, businesses can use SMS apps to market their brand with personalized messages and deals. As a business owner, utilize a texting app with the best features to promote your company. This ... Read More »

5 Features Tape Backup Solutions Provide Businesses

There are several features tape backup solutions provide businesses. Magnetic tape storage has always been a core component of business data centers since the first days of computing. Today, these tapes have evolved and modernized into high capacity storage cartridges. This type of storage medium offers higher standards of durability in many international datacenters. As a business owner, you should ... Read More »

What Is The Most Secure Way To Share Files Digitally?

Secure file sharing operations are essential to harden security protocols and theft protection measures. Secure file sharing is now available more easily than ever before. Everyone who works with documents may be interested in secure file sharing. The size of the file affects the ability to share. There are different cloud storage facilities that are used for secure file sharing. ... Read More »

How Virtual Reception Services Expand Business Capacity

There are several ways virtual reception services expand business capacity. With overwhelming appointment requests and client emails, many companies are looking to automate call reception. Indeed, they recognize that strong organization and administrative support is key to maximize productivity. As a business owner, you should use a virtual reception service to improve customer service, streamline day-to-day procedures, and reduce costs. ... Read More »

5 Best Voice Over Microphones For Video Editing

There are several best voice over microphones for video editing. High-quality microphones can make the difference between professional and amateur video narration. In fact, low sound quality often drives viewers away no matter how great the actual video turns out. As a video editor, you should familiarize yourself with different microphones to record your voice overs with. This way, you ... Read More »

How To Fill Out Business PDFs And Other Important Documents

There are a few ways to fill out important documents in a Portable Document Format (PDF). In today’s world, many business interactions take place online rather than in person. Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, form-filling is commonly done through technology. It is crucial for everyone to be familiar with the methods of filling out and submitting PDFs. As ... Read More »

How To Create A Time Lapse With The Yi Home Camera

There are various steps to create a time lapse with the Yi Home Camera. Many people use this light and compact camera to capture high quality time lapses with both videos and still photos. These cameras can even shoot 4K time lapse videos at 30fps. As a media professional, you should learn how to create a time lapse with a ... Read More »

5 Recommendations For Testing Web APIs With Postman

There are several important recommendations for testing web APIs with Postman. Notably, Postman can make it easy for developers to create, share, and test APIs. Indeed, they can create and save HTTP/s requests. Plus, they can use APIs repeatedly without having to remember the exact endpoint, headers, or API keys. As a software developer, you need to know the best ... Read More »

How To Protect Your Privacy On Social Media

  We live in a world where social media is not just a place of entertainment and fun. A social networking website is also a great source of connections, business, and even daily news! However, when you start reading about the kinds of privacy risks involved in using these platforms, things get scary fast. Hence, privacy protection is no joke! ... Read More »

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