Tuesday , 4 October 2022

SmartOps Services Acquisition Improves SAP Supply Chain Monitoring

SmartOps was a leader in the computer software industry. By providing businesses like Campbell’s, Pfizer, Dow Chemical and Kellogg with enterprise-class inventory optimization software, SmartOps soon became a leader in the enterprise-class software market. However, the company was acquired by SAP in April of 2013. This was done to help improve SAP’s supply chain monitoring capability, something that had already ... Read More »

Biotech Operating System Offers Reliable Linux Options For Business

Nuron Biotech Inc. is a company that develops special biologics, microparticles, and vaccines for medical issues such as multiple sclerosis and influenza. The Nuron Biotech website is powered by an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution called CentOS. Finding a good, reliable operating system is imperative for companies like Nuron Biotech. While they are making medical discoveries that could change the world, CentOS ... Read More »

Modern Siemens C61 Alternatives With Basic Cell Phone Features

The Siemens C61 is an AT&T cell phone that was discontinued just a few years after it was released in late 2003. This phone, like many of its time, was celebrated for it compact size and innovative features which included internet access, picture messaging and custom ringtones. These special features soon became commonplace in the mobile communication industry and the ... Read More »

Download AS2 Software To Send EDI Messages Securely

IT admins need secure methods to send electronic data interchange, commonly known as EDI. You can use various types of protocols to send these messages across the internet with EDI transactions. The AS2 solution is very popular for business exchanges across the globe. In order to use an As2 protocol, you will need to download and implement the software. In ... Read More »

PCF Citrix Healthcare Network Alternatives For Record Management

PCF stands for Pediatric Computing Facility. The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis utilizes PCF Citrix as their online healthcare network. With PCF Citrix, members of the Department of Pediatrics have access to a variety of resources. In addition to a variety of clinical applications, this FDA approved network gives healthcare students and professionals access to centrally managed ... Read More »

How To Buy 1000 Base T-Devices For Gigabit Connection Speeds

A 1000Base-T is a type of Ethernet technology that uses copper cables as a medium to achieve a gigabit data rate. The “1000” represents the transmission speed of 1000 megabits per second. These devices are often used in data centers for server switching, uplinks from desktop computer  switches or directly with broadband applications to improve the delivery of your Adobe ... Read More »

Best Linux Distros System For Customization And User Anonymity Tools

Distros is the abbreviation of Linux Distribution. Linux Distribution is an operating system made from a software collection that is developed based upon the original Unix-like operating system, also known as the Linux Kernel. There are a wide variety of distros operating systems available on the market today for those in the process of reformatting computer. With Linux you will ... Read More »

Top Aventail Software Alternatives For Secure Remote VPN Access

Aventail Connect is an application developed by SonicWALL. Aventail Connect provides IT professionals with secure, remote access to their office with key business application capabilities on any of the most popular travel gadgets. If you are a business owner, the thought of accessing your office easily from home may seem tempting. Aventail is one of many applications that offers an ... Read More »

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