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Useful Passive RFID Tags Features For Business Applications

For business owners, RFID tags have a ton of potential applications, unlike your old SSD drive. After all, RFIDs provide the means for allowing virtually any object use in business operations at all to be identified by computer systems. But, in order to take start implementing the use of RFID tags at your business, you should first know their features and benefits. Find out the passive RFID tags features and benefits every business owner need to consider below.

No Battery

Unlike active RFID tags, passive RFIDs do not have a battery. Instead, the power required to identify them is supplied for the RFID reader. Because these tags have no battery, they typically have an almost endless lifespan. This is beneficial to business owners on a budget in particular. But, it is also beneficial to all business owners. Who likes replacing broken technology? This is a significant and identifying feature of passive RFID tags.


Passive RFIDs are read via wireless signal. No need for carrying around a bunch of tangled wires to connect the tag to the RFID reader. All you need is a WiFi signal. This makes it easy to access your information whenever you need to. This is a feature that is certainly a benefit to any business owner.

Small Size

The small size of passive RFID tags is another important feature to note. It allows for endless applications and possibilities. Although a passive RFID tag can be as small as a sticker, they can also be made as large as a credit card. Therefore, there is a passive RFID tag for every need. When the possibilities are endless, it makes the cost of technology worth it.

Read/Write Data

Passive RFID tags, unlike similar technology, allow for users to both read and write data. This is a considerable advantage over other Write Once Read Many data storage devices, also known as WORM storage. You can use and reuse a passive RFID tag to you heart’s content thanks to its read/write data capabilities. It will make a great addition to your already superb Raid 1 media storage options.

Low Price Point

Passive RFIDs come at a much more accessible price point than active RFIDs. Passive RFID tags will cost you anywhere from 15 cents to $5 maximum. Active RFID, on the other hand, will run you up to $100 for each device. i60 features will cost you even more. This is certainly something to consider for someone like you. Business owners are always worried about keeping costs down. Passive RFID is one way to keep costs low while still growing business technologies capabilities for your company.

If you are a business owner, there are many reasons you should make yourself aware of passive RFID tags features and benefits. The most important of these reasons is because they can help improve efficiency for business operations without costing an arm and a leg. Consider these features and benefits of RFID technology above to determine whether your business should make use of it. Let us know what you decide in the comments below.

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