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How To Use A PayPal Gift Card At Your Favorite Brick & Mortar Retailers

Right now, mobile payments on the new cool kid on the block, at least until the new Froyo update gets released. With the release of the iPhone 6 and highly anticipated Apple Pay platform, mobile point of sale awareness is higher than before. But, what if you are not quite ready to trust a new payment platform? What if, you’re not ready to stop using your credit card? Is there an alternative?

Digital gift cards are a simple solution to bridging the gap between credit cards and mobile payments. (They are also called virtual gift cards or e-gift cards). By using digital credit cards, you can enjoy the convenience of mobile payments while hedging your financial risk. How does this work? Simply buy a digital gift card using tradition payment methods, then use that digital card to make payments online and in-stores with your phone.


To be a key player in this transition from traditional payments to mobile payments, PayPal has teamed up with InComm to offer enhanced digital gift services. InComm is a leader in point of sale technology solutions. They will help PayPal leverage the InComm Digital Solutions platform, also known as IDS, to connect with hundreds of other brands and millions of customers around the world. Clearly, we have come quite a ways from the old Wintel days.

New Collaboration Is A Win For Everyone

The new collaboration is a win for everyone (except for the competition, like Chase Payment, of course). Clearly, InComm is happy to work with PayPal. Second, PayPal, the world’s most loved way to get paid, would LOVE to become the primary merchant of digital gift cards. Third, consumers receive more protection on direct mobile payments. Fourth, IDS brands also benefit from easier payment methods and gift card loyalty. Finally, the overall economy benefits from more spending. As a bonus, the digital card payment sector also takes one giant step forward too.

Innovative Partnership

We look forward to seeing the innovation that comes out of this partnership, just as it did for Switchvox. As you might expect, the trust and brand of Paypal could be a major catalyst in the shift to mobile point-of-sale payments. Not to mention, their impressively simple and easy to use technology makes things easier too.

Popular PayPal Gift Cards

With so many PayPal giftcards available, it can be hard to determine what retailers are and are not available. Thankfully, some of the most popular retailers and services have giftcards available through PayPal. You can purchase PayPal digital gifts for Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Steam and more. Or, you can purchase digital gift cards for brick and mortar retailers and services like Lowe’s, Southwest and Uber. No matter who you are buying for, PayPal Digital Gifts has the perfect e-gift card for your needs.

How To Use PayPal Gift Cards

If you recently received a PayPal gift card from a tech-savvy relative or friend, you may be disinclined to use it simply because you do not want to make another user account for a one-time purchase. Well thankfully, that is not a problem. You do not need to have a PayPal user account in order to use your gift card. All you have to do is enter in the gift card information the same way you would for your normal debt or credit card to buy an LG watch. Use your regular billing address, as well. As long as you have enough money on the card, you will have no problems. If you already have a PayPal user account, you can simply add the giftcard to your PayPal wallet, and you will be able to make your next purchase just as you normally would. Whether or not you are a user of this payment service, it is incredibly simple to use a gift card from PayPal.

Buying Gift Cards With PayPal

A new company has now made it possible to buy gift cards to over 200+ retailers with your PayPal account. The website even offers instant delivery to your recipients. This is the perfect solution for that important birthday that you forgot about, or a great way to just say thanks to someone. If you were the recipient of PayPal gift cards, you may want to consider using some of those credits to buy gift cards with PayPal at the Gyft website, although unfortunately, you probably will not be able to use it to buy your dream 1950 Porsche.

Are you already using mobile payments? Would you use digital gift cards? Are you still going to cling to your credit card? Please let us know in the comments below where you stand. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope that you Will share this post with your friends and family.

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