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PCF Citrix Healthcare Network Alternatives For Record Management


PCF stands for Pediatric Computing Facility. The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis utilizes PCF Citrix as their online healthcare network. With PCF Citrix, members of the Department of Pediatrics have access to a variety of resources. In addition to a variety of clinical applications, this FDA approved network gives healthcare students and professionals access to centrally managed Electronic Medical Records and secure mobile patient care. If you work in the medical field, you may be interested in learning more about healthcare networks like PCF Citrix. Below we have listed three similar networks that can provide your hospital, office or business with the organization and efficiency you need.

What Does PCF Citrix Do?

PCF Citrix promises to optimize patient care by providing secure access to applications and data, as well as backups. This is done using Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop to better deliver clinical applications. One of the highest priorities for healthcare organizations is to provide employees with easy access to applications and data that help deliver the best patient care possible. PCF Citrix helps medical institutions respond to government mandates to adopt technology regarding electronic health records, or EHR, and other add-ons like ambulatory EHR, computerized physician order entry, departmental modules and medical imagining. Find out about similar software that offers these technology solutions to other healthcare facilities below.

PCF Citrix Healthcare Features

It may also be beneficial to understand the features provided to internal staff that utilize the PCF Citrix Healthcare network if you want to make sure your alternative solution has similar helpful features. Network users, whether they were found using Beeline services or hired by recommendation, can easily access internal PCF links that offer solutions to any issues they encounter. The network managers make it easy to submit PCF account requests and hardware requests. In addition, they also provide a useful help desk website for those small, everyday fixes that sometimes arise. These inetnal PCF troubleshooting solutions are an important part of what keeps PCF Citrix network running effectively.

Athena Health

Athena Health is a cloud-based service for Electronic Medical Records. They offer solutions to a variety of healthcare facilities including urgent care centers and community hospitals. Similar to PCF Citrix, Athena Health can also be used for academic medical centers. The Athena Health program, which currently consists of a network of over 78,000, is dedicated to making health information more accessible by offering didtheyreadit features. Their home page features a daily schedule and patient information, making it easier for healthcare providers to view the day’s most relevant information. If you are interested in using a healthcare network similar to PCF Citrix, Athena Health is a great option to consider.


Centricity is another popular healthcare network that is comparable to PCF Citrix. Centricity is an integrated system for clinical and financial management in medical organizations, unlike Metabase which is primarily business centered. Centricity provides users with complete access to Electronic Medical Records. The Centricity system is designed to support communication with patients and between medical professionals. The program is entirely customizable so that you can adjust it to fit the needs of your practice. Centricity’s progressive technology is utilized specifically to provide doctors and patients with a better experience. If you want a network that can handle both medical and financial records through a customizable platform, Centricity is the one for you.

eClinical Works

eClinical Works is a leader in medical software solutions, just like Agile services is the leader in business solutions. It is the largest cloud Electronic Medical Records system in the nation. With a series of applications dedicated to medicine and finance, eClinical Works is definitely a contender for the number one PCF Citrix alternative. This network offers a unified EMR and PM system. In addition to their patient portal, eClinical Works features a variety of messenger and mobile applications to make on-the-go healthcare that much easier. You and your patients can communicate in new ways, which will surely help to improve your practice. If you want something that can be accessed quickly and easily from anywhere, eClinical Works is the best choice.

PCF Citrix for the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is a great healthcare resource network. Citrix provides a variety of applications to help improve the education of medical professionals. However, there are many other networks available for you to consider. Whether you need something versatile like Centricity or mobile like eClinical Works, there is a healthcare program out there for you. Before you make your final decision, let us know down below what you think about how technology is helping to improve the healthcare field.

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