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5 PDF Editor Software Features To Handle Files More Efficiently

Originally created by Adobe, the PDF (Portable Document File) is one of the most popular file formats around. In addition to .docx files, the .pdf format is used by businesses, professionals and individuals. As a tech user, you might find yourself needing to edit a PDF. However, these documents were not made to be changed in first place. To accomplish your goal, you must use PDF editor software features. These features allow anyone to edit PDF documents.

Convert PDF to Word Doc

Firstly, the simplest way to edit a PDF document, convert the file to a word doc. There are many simple software applications that allow you to export a PDF to Word doc. After importing the PDF to .docx, then you can make all the changes you want. Additionally, some PDF editing software allow exports to excel documents too. When trying to edit PDF software, conversions are a simple and easy solution.

Edit And Review PDFs

Next, a simple PDF editor will allow you to edit and review PDFs. The editing can be done either online or locally on your operating system. Similar to editing a lossless file, you will need to upload the PDF file for online editing. The you can download the modified version or review it online. These are essential features for a PDF editor software.

Combine Multiple PDF Files

Commonly, tech users scan, email or fax multiple documents. If you are like most people, it is much easier to send all the required documents back in one file. In this case, a PDF editor will allow you to combine all the documents into one. Previously, this was not possible with classic readers. However, most editors will allow you to merge multiple documents into one, making correspondence more efficient.

Fill Out And Sign Forms

Moreover, your PDF editor features should include signing and form filling. You might have an official document that needs to be filled out in a PDF program. Your editing software allows you to fill out and save the changes made to the file. Many editors can even add stamps and signatures to the document. This saves you time and energy of having to print, sign and scan documents. Now, you can fill out forms and sign PDF documents digitally.

Password Protection And Encryption

Security is a primary feature of PDF files. Your PDF editor software features the ability to add password protection to the file. Furthermore, the document can be encrypted just in case the file is sent over a non-SSL connection using free FTP software. Certainly, the best editors give you the option to either use password protection and encryption options. More so, some editors allow you to grant and revoke access to documents sent over a cloud platform.

Many PDF editors have these features with many more advanced tools. While PDFs were originally created so that a document can be sent without modification, now they are expected to be filled out and signed. In some cases, we need to modify a PDF file. Simply, open up your favorite PDF editor software that has all the features you need to get the job done.

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