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How To Perform A Face Recognition Search On The Internet

Searching the internet allows people to find information from all over the world in an instant. Until recent years, most of the searches online were text based. Today, search is changing as software allows internet users to search by face. In other words, face recognition search enables users to do a reverse face search. That means, you can easily search for your face or another person’s face online. In this post, we’ll show you how to perform a facial recognition search on the internet.

Start With The World’s Largest Search Engine

Of course, you can start with the website that dominates searching the web. Or, you can choose your favorite search engine. In most cases, you can “search by image” and place the link to your image. Then, the search engine will return faces and photos similar to that image. This is a great way to find photos of yourself online. Most importantly, it’s one of the free face recognition search options available to everyone.

Online Face Recognition Software

While you can find paid image search software, there are companies that provide free online image searches. To use these free processing options, you simply upload images for searching. Using sophisticated web programming, the software will detect the image content, classify faces and utilize over 100 facial points to return similar images. You can sort through images by face recognition matches, faces and images overall. If you would like to focus on finding similar faces, you can use an online face recognition software for free.

Find Your Face On Social Platforms

As more people are sharing photos online, social platforms allow you to search for your face on their site. Whether you are tagged or not, you can find out what pictures of you are showing up online. This is an effective way to do a face recognition search on social media. If you are worried about friends or family posting images of you after using some photo editing app skills, this feature gives you the ability to monitor your photos on the platform. Then, it’s up to your to tag yourself, leave it alone or request to have the image removed. If you are active on social media, platforms are making it easier than ever to do face searches.

Perform Face Look Alike Searches

Additionally, you can do face recognition searches that compare you to another person. If you want to see how much you look like someone else, online software makes this possible. Simply, find out who you are twins with by uploading two pictures. The software will then analyze the facial features between the two photos. Then, you receive a percentage of how much the faces match. This could be a fun facial recognition search to do with friends and family to find similarities in looks.

Search Similar Faces To Celebrities

Similar to finding matches between two faces, another online face recognition software compares the upload image to a collection of celebrity photos. If you have ever been told that you look like a celebrity, this type of software could show you who else you look like. After uploading an image of your face, the online software can give you an analysis of similar celebrities, your gender and estimated age. While this face recognition search is not as robust as the options above, it’s an interesting way to search face images on the internet.

You have many options to perform an face image search online. With the development of facial recognition software, search engines allow users to do reverse image searches. Social media websites are automatically searching for face images for user monitoring. Online platforms provide the ability to search facial attributes online. Or, you can just search a photo or two to compare faces. This can work with 2 images that you upload as well as a collection of celebrity images. Depending on what face images you would like to find, you can use of of these ways to perform face recognition searches online.

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