Tuesday , 4 October 2022

Exciting Personal Robot Technology Developments Offer New AI Solutions

Personal robots have long been the dream of futurists everywhere. Now, they have finally become a reality. This year is shaping up to be the biggest year for robotics technology developments. If you are a tech-lover, you will definitely want to learn more about these cool new types of personal robot technology. Find out the latest robotics developments the industry has seen below.

Housework Capabilities

New artificial intelligence and robotics technology has led to a new personal robot capable of doing housework tasks. This is one of the features of robots that has long been a dream for adults since before the days of the 1970 Plymouth. Basic forms of this personal robot technology, like smart vacuums, were just the beginning. Now, that same robotics technology is being paired with artificial intelligence applications. Together, these personal robots capable of performing housework are one of the biggest new developments in the field.

Increased Mobility

Robot manufacturers are now looking to create personal robots capable of more human-like mobility. Until now, robot mobility was the biggest hurdle between real-life personal assistant robots. This year, the newest robots are being produced with incredibly human-like balance and movement capabilities. This is one of the biggest developments in robotics technology, not just for personal robots but for all different types of potential applications.

Outdoor Construction

The field of robotics technology has also recently benefited from new applications capable of doing construction work. New brick laying robots offer an incredible starting point for further research and development in the area of construction robots. Brick laying robots can lay the foundation start to finish on their own in just two days. With a brick layer robot, you know the work will be precise since the ones configuring MTU for the machine are experts. This is an exciting bit of robotics news that could revolution the construction industry.

Artificial Skin

Now, robotics scientists are working on creating an artificial robot skin to encase the mechanical elements that power the robot. Scientists at Stanford University have been developing a skin for robots that could potentially allow robots to feel touch. As of now however, no personal robot has been developed with any artificial skin developed in a robotics lab. But, this is still the absolute biggest news in the robotics field of the last couple years.

Data Sharing

Data sharing robots could be one of the scariest artificial intelligence developments. Modern AI and robotics technology has allowed for robots to share information with one another. Thus, all personal robots could communicate with one another for better, faster machine learning. This is a bit frightening if you have ever seen I, Robot or any other killer robot movies. However, there are also, potentially, huge benefits to robots capable of sharing information. Obviously, all robots will work better if they are able to share information. This could be one of the most exciting developments to take place in recent years.

Recently, a ton of developments have been made in the field of personal robot technology, including at Atrion Services and elsewhere. Personal robots used to be a dream out of a science fiction movie. Now, they are a reality. The robotics news detailed above is sure to make this an exciting field to watch for this year and beyond. Let us know what your favorite robotics tech developments of recent years have been below.

Photo from https://tech.co/personal-robots-for-your-home-2017-09

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