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Photocopier Machine Types For Modern Day Business Functions


For anyone who works in an office, the photocopier machine is a source of some help, but​ mostly frustration. However, if you are a bit of a tech enthusiast or gadget geek, you may want to learn some more about these elusive devices just as you did regarding the office’s wireless printer. Many people are unaware of the fact that there are actually multiple varieties of photocopiers. If you want to learn about the different types of photocopiers available, keep reading below.

Multifunctional Copiers

The first kind of copier is multifunctional. These machines are the kind you will typically see used in an office building. Multifunctional copying machines are marketed as digital multifunction devices, MFD’s, or Multifunction Products, MFP’s. They are capable of not just copying, but also printing, scanning and faxing. Newer models even include internet access to connect to office networks and send documents with scan to email, scan to folder, scan to FTP features and more. In addition, these machines often come with document finishing options like stapling and saddle stitch booklet folding. The multifunctional photocopier machine is a one machine solution for many office tasks.

Analog Copying Machines

Analog copiers are obsolete nowadays. However, these photocopiers were some of the first to ever be made. Analog photocopying machines use lights, lenses and mirrors to make copies. This mirror setup reflects a document image placed on the copier. These old copiers are the ones that you will see repeatedly break down and malfunction. That is because these machines are much more susceptible to mechanical failures, since moving parts are involved in the creation of copies. These machines have started to get phased out of manufacturing and production. So thankfully, you wil not have to worry about dealing with their breakdowns in the future.

Network Copiers

Network photocopiers are essentially the same as multifunctional photocopier machines. However, not all multifunctional copiers are network copiers. Most multifunctional photocopying machines offer the option of adding network card. However, there is a smaller amount of them that provide a standard, built-in network card without any additional fees. These network capabilities allow you to use helpful scan to USB, scan to FTP, like free SmartFTP programs, and WSD Scanning features. Just remember, network copiers are multifunctional, but not all multifunctional copiers are network enabled.

Color Photocopiers

Color photocopiers are the final photocopier machine type that you should know. Color photocopiers enable the same capabilities as color printers. They do it in much the same way, as well. These types of copiers typically have four drums and four toner reservoirs or toner cartridges. The reservoirs or cartridges in business color copying machines typically contain the colors Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black, just like any other color printers. These color copiers are especially useful in schools or for creative or marketing purposes. Color photocopiers can also be multifunctional devices, which is important to note.

If you are a bit of a tech junkie, you may have always wondered about the photocopier machine you probably use in an office or at your local Kinkos. However, you may not have known that there are actually several different types of photocopiers these days, just as there are different types of thumb drives. Allow this post to serve as a quick reference guide to the most common types of copying machines available for modern day use. ​

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