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Crucial Media Monitoring Channels To Track For Your Brand

There are several types of sort of media monitoring, and we are not talking about the “convert image to PDF” type of media. Most popular types of media monitoring our social media, news and streaming broadcast. These three sections make up the major percentage of all media monitoring software or services. If you’re looking for great social or traditional brand awareness, monitoring is essential.


Social media just cannot be ignored in today’s world. The technology to interact with people live and in live, real time is incredible. It allows for more communication and sharing to take place than ever before. People can easily share your comments, achievements or stories with friends and family very quickly. Media monitoring solutions, like GetResponse, allow you to see which platforms you’re being talked about on, and where you can interact to make the biggest difference.


Next, news monitoring is very important. With hundreds of thousands of media outlets, tracking software will help you identify where you are in the mix. They can help track circulation, views and estimated reach. The additional bonus to these metrics is authoritative exposure. When featured on news stations and publications, your brand is seen as more of authority in the eyes of the customer. Being able to track these instances will help you promote yourself and see what is working (and what is not working), just as it did for Android when it came to the Froyo update.


Streaming broadcast is a bit harder to track. This is simply because broadcasting requires recording and more data storage. The best part about having a monitoring software for broadcast media is that you can respond very quickly to mentions of your brand. For example, if you are mentioned on an ABC show, then you can set up a lead capture that better suits in influx of visitors. Also, by having these mentions readily available to you, your success can be easily measured.

These main types of media monitoring are the most effective at the moment. They are subject to change and probably will. However, they are critical to tracking and measuring your brand success, just like Didtheyreadit software is essential for email marketing. Especially, if your brand is a big deal in the media, you want to know about it.

Media Monitoring Software

There are many different types of media monitoring software available to help you stay on top of your media mentions. This makes it difficult to pick the best one for your company. You can make it easier on yourself by knowing exactly what you want to get out of your media monitoring solutions. If broadcast monitoring is your biggest concern, your best media monitoring solution will not be the same as one who hopes to track social media mentions. It is just like choosing a printer, you need to know what you want. Determine what your media monitoring priorities are before selecting the best media monitoring programs for your business.

Media Monitoring Companies

Managing the monitoring of your media mentions is an incredibly difficult job, even with the development of Hootsuite adding hashtag streams. Thankfully, there are companies out there that provide this service. Even better, these providers are experts in the field. They can easily interpret data and translate it into real-world changes for your business marketing campaigns. Media monitoring solutions will offer up suggestions for real, implementable changes that can help improve your digital impact across all platforms. If you want to benefit from media monitoring but do not have the resources to handle the job yourself, consider outsourcing the task.

Critical Mention

One such company that provides media monitoring services is Critical Mention. Critical Mention is a media monitoring platform that promises to  change the way corporate communications and business intelligence professionals operate. Their services help streamline the process of searching, tracking and analyzing information from TV, online news, radio and social media. Critical Mention helps companies of all sizes in all different industries. So you can benefit from their services no matter how big or small your operation. Consider using Critical Mention or a similar company for your business intelligence solutions.

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