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Best Types Of Auto Battery Technology For A Long-Lasting Charge

When your car battery dies, you probably don’t think much about the replacement. Naturally, we replace our auto battery with a similar model to what we had before. For those of us driving older cars, the batteries technology industry is changing quickly. When buying a new battery, seize the opportunity to embrace, newer, more advanced technology. Here is a comparison of auto battery types available today.

The Rise of Car Battery Technology

In the past decade, we are experiencing a race in battery technology advancement. This is important, even if you are just buying a television. As we literally shift from oil and gas fueled vehicles to electric cars, batteries are becoming the focal source of power. These auto batteries are projected to charge in seconds, through the air and last for weeks on end. Not surprisingly, your next car battery should be an upgrade too.

Calcium-Calcium Batteries

Calcium-Calcium car batteries make use of calcium alloy on different charge plates. The calcium helps to reduce the amount of fluid loss. It also helps to make the self-discharge of a battery much slower. These batteries can be badly damaged by overcharging. However, you can find these types of calcium car batteries for under $100. This makes them a top choice for many car owners.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Commonly known as LIBs, Lithium ion batteries power most electric cars. They are reused many times over and offer a great option for an auto battery. However, they are available mostly in high end vehicles. Additionally, they cost much more too. Some of them sell for upwards of $1,000. Perhaps, future cars will offer LIBs as standard. For now, it’s a bit exclusive.

Wet Cell Batteries

One of the most widely used batteries, Wet Cell technology has two types, SLI and Deep Cycle batteries. The technology was developed primarily for auto battery technology. Similar to how it sounds, the battery enclosing contains liquid electrolytes. Using a ratio of water to acid, wet cell batteries can hold charge over the long term while allowing recharge too. They are a good power source for cars and trucks, as seen in many vehicles of delivery companies.

Standard Flooded

Used in cars and trucks, standard flooded technology supplies a significant amount of starting power. This is the most commonly used battery due to low costs and efficient design. There are many benefits to this standard auto battery including holding charge, long term life and fit for various climates. If you’re looking for the most cost effective option, the standard flood is an attractive battery.

Gel Batteries

Similar to standard flooded, gel technology offers many of the same benefits. However, instead of using liquid, these car gadgets contain gel-like fluid. The percentage of water to electrolyte is slightly different. Since there is gel instead of liquid, the battery is a bit more reliable and durable. On the the other hand, once the gel filled electrolytes go bad, the battery is done. Clearly, not a bad option if the price is right.

VRLA Auto Batteries

The VRLA batteries are also known as absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. They are more expensive, containing lead acid. The battery technology is powered by valve regulation. While they are can be used for auto batteries, they have many other applications as well. For example, VRLA is used for portable power in electronics, motorcycles and other emergency systems. As an advantage, they offer much more power for the space required. Due to their high power and unique design, they typically require less maintenance. Thus, smaller Hyundai cars or two-wheeled automotive vehicles would benefit from VRLA technology.

In the future, we can continue to expect new changes in auto battery technology. These are the most popular and commonly used batteries right now. That is why they are must-know gadgets if you plan to barter technology. As the electric power race continues, you will have more options to choose from. For now, our auto battery options still have a few types with various price points.

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