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5 Power Bank Features To Meet Your Portable Battery Needs

When you’re out and about, constantly looking for outlets and USB ports to charge your phone or laptop is frustrating. Power banks eliminate this problem entirely. A power bank is a portable battery that you can use to charge your devices. Whether you’re a casual mobile gamer or traveler, there is a power bank that will fit your needs as a buyer. In this article, we will break down the power bank features of capacity, output, and power bank types to help you pick the best power bank for you.

MA! What Is mAH?

A power bank’s storage capacity is measured in Milliampere Hours also known as mAH. For example, if your phone’s battery has a total capacity of 2000 mAH and your power bank has a charge of 2000 mAH, then your power bank can theoretically fully charge your phone one time. If you have the tphone, you might have a larger batter capacity. Your average power bank has a capacity of 5,000-20,000 mAH. Although, there are larger power banks that go up to 40,000 mAH. As a consumer, you should pick your power bank based on whether you want to charge your phone or laptop. Larger mAH power banks can charge multiple devices at a time but may not be practical to carry around. Smaller mAH power banks can fully charge your phone or laptop one or two times and are easy to carry around.

Battery Or Charger?

A common misconception of the typical USB power bank is that it is a charger. USB power banks are actually external batteries. Your phone of choice can also determine whether a power bank is right for you. Some laptops and phones, such as the IPhone, have batteries built into the device that cannot be easily removed. Android phones typically have removable batteries. If you own a phone with a removable battery, it may be easier or more cost effective to buy and carry extra batteries. Power banks have to be recharged after use, so whether your battery or power bank charges faster can be a factor.

Slug vs Flash, Charging Speed Matters

Not all power banks and devices are made equal. The speed at which your phone or laptop charges is dependent on the software and hardware the power bank supports. Newer devices can support up to USB 3.0, which has a higher power output and faster charge. You should check your devices’ hardware settings and determine whether the unique USB is 2.0 legacy or 3.0. Even if your power bank supports 3.0, your device may not be capable at charging at that speed. You can optimize speed by having the right cables and picking a power bank with a compatible output. Newer phones and power banks will charge at higher speeds, so choose your power bank accordingly.

Power Bank Types

There are three popular power bank types. The most well known is the universal power bank. These power banks are commonly used to charge gaming laptops, phones, and mobile gaming consoles. They come in a variety of sizes and capacities. The second type of power bank is solar powered. Solar powered power banks use panels that charge the bank in sunlight. This type of bank is best suited for people who spend lots of time outdoors hiking or camping, because they are consistent but charge slowly. The last common power bank type is the battery phone case. These are limited to charging phones and are highly dependent on the phone model. This model of power bank is better suited for businessmen or mobile gamers on the move, rather than trendy fashionists who like to customize and change their phone cases often.

Style And Practicality

Your portable charger can be cool as well as practical. Fashion designers are now making clothes with power banks built into them, for charging mobile devices or heating pads. There are also backpacks with built in speakers, so you can take your music with you. If backpacks are too bulky or don’t match your style, there are power bank purses. For gamers and cosplayers, there are also geeky power banks shaped like pokeballs, lightsabers, or guns. Your accessories can power your social life and your devices.

Whether you’re a tech savvy trendsetter, a textaholic, or a working stiff there’s a power bank to suit your needs. Don’t forget to figure out your mAH and power bank type, then you’ll be charging while you’re out and about.

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