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Power Distribution Unit Buying Guide For Simple Server Room Setup

If you are on your way to creating your own data center or server room, selecting the right power distribution unit, or PDU, is of the utmost concern. After all, the wrong PDU could lead to wasted resources and damaged hardware. Find out how to choose the best power distribution unit for your data center operations in this post.

Types Of PDU

There are actually several different types of power distribution units you will have to choose from, just as you have with SmartOps Services. This includes the basic PDU, metered, monitored, switches, ATS, short for Automatic Transfer Switching, or Hot Swap PDU devices. Basic PDUs are best for basic power distribution needs. Metered PDU, on the other hand, is better for local power monitoring, while monitored power distribution units are best for remote power monitoring. If you need to have zero downtime during maintenance, a Hot Swap PDU is the one for you. Be sure to consider what you plan to use your power distribution unit for to help you pick the best type of PDU device for your server room.

Form Factors

There are several different PDU form factors that could possible fit your rack best. There are horizontal PDU form factors and vertical PDUs as well. Both types of form factors come in a variety of lengths. Horizontal form factors come in sizes 1U and 2U with different length measurement options. Zero U vertical PDUs are the standard for vertical sizes, but they also come in a variety of lengths. Consider which PDU form factors fit your needs to make sure you choose the best PDU for your particular uses.

Power Type

You will also want to consider what type of power is delivered to your rack cabinet that holds your drive storage. There are two different types of power distribution that are possible. You may have single-phase power services if you will be using your PDU in a residence or smaller commercial building. However, if you work in larger commercial or industrial facilities, you are more likely to have 3-phase power services. Ask your power company if you are unsure. Be sure to also ask them about the input voltage delivered as well. Then, use this information to help you select the best power distribution units for your data center.


Consider which devices will be in your rack. Then, find out what types of plugs those devices use. The most common plug types are C-14 and C-20. It is likely that you will have either of these plugs. This information will determine the PDU outlet types and number of outlets required for the PDU device you decide to purchase. If you forget this simple consideration, your PDU could wind up being useless.

Advanced Features

Do you need a PDU with special features? This is definitely something to consider when choosing a power distribution unit. You may need dual circuit PDUs. Or, you may need a sensor port that offers environmental and security monitoring features. Some PDUs offer two separate power circuits. These dual circuit power distribution units are necessary for servers with redundant power supplies. Or, if you plan to use PDU environmental sensors to monitor humidity levels, temperature and contact-closure inputs, you will need to buy a PDU that includes a port for this purpose. Keep these special features in mind when shopping for you power distribution unit.

If you need to find the best PDU for your server room or data center, there are some things you need to consider just as you would when trying to find the best filesync solution. Use our PDU buying guide above. These tips above will help you choose the best power distribution unit that meets your server room specifications. Once you have your PDUs in place, it will be worth all the effort it took to identify the perfect device.

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