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5 Steps To Promote Your App To Millions Of Users

In the market for apps, promotion is everything. The huge number of apps available online makes it hard for any one app to stand out. However, there are multiple app platforms that provide opportunities to do so. As an individual programmer with a solid new app, the struggle to get users can be longer and more consuming than coding the app was. To succeed, you need to have a solid plan to promote the app. Fear not, with a few straightforward steps, you can promote your app to profitability. Read on to learn the steps to promote your app.

Pick An App Store With Care

As you ready your app for launch, consider carefully what app stores you’ll offer it on. There are upsides and downsides to all the various app stores. While the major app stores will put your app in front of more customers, they charge a great deal for the service. Consider your audience as well, if your app serves a specific community, choosing a niche app store for that community could save a lot of money. Business mobile apps have a very different audience than that of social mobile apps. The app store is where most customers will first encounter your app. Pick one that will provide you the most promotion for the least money.

Build A Social Media Presence

Now that your app is in the market, you should use social media to build up its profile. Numerous social media solutions exist to promote brand recognition through advertising. Advertising on social media is a cheaper and more effective alternative to traditional advertising. Build profiles for your app on all the social media platforms and distribute content that advertises it. This can be very useful showing customers different ways they can use the app. Additionally a social media presence will let your friends and loyal customers spread your advertising material to new customers. As a result, social media can prove a potent promotion tool if you don’t have a marketing budget.

Optimize SEO

Evaluate and optimize your SEO and app store presence to attract browsing customers. Consider the name, thumbnail image, app type, and search keywords to see if customers are being directed to you. App stores will make your app more prominent if you receive more search results then competitors. Customers are also more likely to pick the app at the top of the search list. If your app’s descriptive material optimizes your position in search engines and the app store, your app will promote itself effectively.

Collect and Encourage Reviews

One of the best ways to promote your app is the encourage positive reviews of your apps. Reviews are the principal way that customers pick one competing app over another. If your app has many positive reviews, customers will flock to it. By encouraging users to post good reviews and responding to bad ones in a timely and sympathetic fashion, you can build loyalty to the app. This loyalty on display will go far to promote your app.

Apply For App Awards

A great way to get some free publicity for your app is to submit it for awards. There are a wide range of app awards out there, covering everything from general apps all the way to niche markets. Winning one of these awards would net you instant credibility with many customers. App stores are also more likely to feature your app if it is an award winner. Additionally, many of these awards come with prizes, either money or connections. This prize can give you resources to promote in more traditional ways. Winning a major app award would go far to promote your app.

Promoting your app can be easy when you follow the right steps. Pick an app store that will get your app in front of the most customers for the cheapest price. Build the app social media sites to cheaply encourage interest in your app. Optimize your app’s SEO to ensure that it appears to searching customers. Encourage reviews that will build your apps brand loyalty. Submit your app for awards to win prestige and new resources. Having followed these steps, your app will be promoted across the web.

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