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2017 Audi Q7 Features With Night Vision Assistance For Safer Driving


The 2017 Q7 Audi is not a cheap vehicle. Suggested retail starts at $54,800. However, the Q7 Audi does not boast a heavy price tag due to its name alone. This car comes with advanced technology features unheard of by other companies. The Audi Q7 is practically the supercomputer of automobiles. In this post, consumers can discover five features of the 2017 Q7 Audi.

Virtual Cockpit

The virtual cockpit system is a 12.3-inch display behind the steering wheel. Drivers can customize the screen to display practically anything they want. The virtual cockpit can be used to display the traditional speedometer and tachometer. Or, the cockpit can be used for navigation by becoming a 3D panoramic map. It can also be used to display infotainment information. The virtual cockpit can really become whatever the driver wants. Its customization ability is what makes it such an exciting new feature.

Smartphone Integration

One of the most basic Audi Q7 features that you would expect from the luxury car brand is the smartphone integration capabilities. This is a feature that you can even find on Hyundai cars. The Audi Smartphone Integration feature allows you to connect your phone to your car. This makes driving much safer for all drivers. If you have a bad habit of texting while driving, this feature should be especially exciting for you.

Traffic Sign Recognition

The traffic sign recognition feature in the 2017 Q7 Audi truly proves how far technology has advanced. The Audi can detect and read upcoming signs, such as speed limit postings, alerting drivers to things like an upcoming speed limit change or a construction zone ahead. This feature is meant to be an extra set of eyes, as drivers sometimes misread or ignore road signs. The traffic sign recognition is a remarkable feature available in the Q7 Audi.

Night Vision Assistance

The vehicle’s night vision assistance is an extra set of eyes when it is most difficult to see. This technology uses an infrared camera and thermal-imaging to see at night without requiring any additional travel gadgets. Together, these allow the vehicle to detect objects farther down the road and alert the driver. The Q7 Audi can see objects up to 300 feet ahead at night. The night vision assistance is another great feature available in the Q7 Audi.


The Pre-Sense feature alerts the driver before a collision may occur. The Pre-Sense technology detects if you are about to hit something and notifies you on the virtual cockpit. Pre-Sense may even engage the breaks if the driver does not have enough time to react themselves. This works both while you are driving and while you are parked. If you are parked and attempting to exit your car, Pre-Sense will alert you if there is another car or bicyclist approaching. This way, your open door will avoid hitting another object. Pre-Sense is another great Q7 Audi feature for consumers to discover.

Active Lane Assist

Active lane assist is an additional safety feature included in the 2017 Q7 Audi. This feature can detect if you are swerving out of your lane and bring you back into your original lane. Active lane assist does not react when you are using your turn signal. The purpose of this safety feature is to give you an eagle eye to help avoid colliding with other vehicles. The active lane assist feature will also steer for you if your grip loosens on the wheel. However, the virtual cockpit will flash a warning after a few seconds alerting the driver to take control of the wheel again. The Q7 Audi does not allow drivers to abuse its driver-assistance features. The active lane assist feature is just another exciting feature available in this vehicle.

Optional Safety Features

In addition to all of the extraordinary features mentioned above, there are optional safety features that buyers can choose to add on individually, or as a package. These optional Audi Q7 features include night vision with animal detection, which detects big game for those who live in rural areas, adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist, which is a low-speed cruise control, and cross-traffic alert, which pulses the breaks if the car detects any potential for a collision or other accident. These optional Audi Q7 features are some of the most innovative safety features we have seen from the auto industry yet.

The 2017 Q7 Audi is in a league of its own. This car comes with an array of amazing features. Some of which are mentioned in this post. The virtual cockpit, traffic sign recognition, night vision assistance, Pre-Sense and active lane assist are all incredibly innovative and useful features. Consumers, it is of extreme importance to know a car’s features before making a purchase. Especially features pertaining to driver and passenger safety. For those with deeper pockets, like those who work in test management, the technological features of the 2017 Q7 Audi make it worth every penny.

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