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Why Quake Live Is Such A Popular First Person Shooter Game


Quake Live is the latest version of a popular first-person shooter video game that does not require any additional raid storage. Gamers everywhere have played and discussed the game. If you have not had a chance to play, you are in luck. Below is a list of pros and cons for Quake Live so you can see if the game is worth the hype before shelling out the cash.

Pro: Smooth Game Play

Quake Live is most praised for its smooth game play, unlike most gamesites. The graphics are detailed and entertaining, but you will not find this game lagging. Quake Live is a fast paced game. With so little time to think, it is important that this game keep up with the speed of the kill. Thankfully, it does. This latest Quake game will fuel an adrenaline rush. It runs smoothly, so there is no downtime between one shot and the next. You can enjoy the speedy shooting game you came for. However, if there are delays you may simply have to fiddle with your settings. Most gamers find that this does the trick. With Quake Live, you can be sure that your game will perform at the high-quality speed you enjoy.

Con: Cost

Quake Live originally came out in 2010 around the time Raid 1 did. At the time, the game was available to all free of charge, with an option to purchase a Pro subscription for a few dollars per month. Now however, Quake Live developers have scrapped the monthly subscription option in favor of a mandatory one-time payment. Quake Live costs $10 to download now, and many gamers are not happy about it. The most devastating part of this switch is that all of the old player information contained on your free account will be scrapped. If you do not want to spend your money on the game, then you may have to seek out other first-person shooting games.

Pro: Quick Installation

In addition to its smooth graphics and admirable speed, Quake Live is a quick installation. Download it from Steam, a popular gaming site, and you can have the game up and running in under 5 minutes while you talk to your friend via FXO. The installation process is easy and the download time is minuscule. If you are too impatient to wait hours for a game to download, Quake Live is the perfect game for you.

Con: Nothing New

Although it is the newest version in the Quake series, many people remark that Quake Live is the same thing as Quake 3. This is a complaint many lodge against new Comcast offers too. This could be a pro or a con as many gamers enjoyed Quake 3. However, if you are a Quake fan interested in something new, this is not it. Quake Live and Quake 3 are uncannily similar. In fact, aside from a few tweaks in game play and a few bug fixes, they are exactly the same. If you already own Quake 3, it hardly seems likely that Quake Live will be worth the money. Spend your $10 on a game that can offer a different story and new characters rather than purchasing the same old thing.

Quake Live On Steam

If after reading the considerations above you have decided that you want to go ahead and purchase the game, you can do so in the Steam store online for only $9.99. You can even buy some cool geek t-shirts while you are there. Then, you can visit the Steam community page to access Quake Live gaming guides, ask questions or just enjoy conversation with fellow Quake Live fans. Quake Live is available on Steam with additional benefits for all gamers.

For Quake Live Super Fans

If you are a super fan of the Quake Live game series, there is a great online forum to link up with other passionate gamers. You may even be able to form an international team to play with. The popular message board Reddit has a subreddit dedicated to the game. r/QuakeLive is chock full of Quake Live players posting clips of their successes. However, it is also a great place to learn secret Quake Live gaming tips and even some gaming glitches that other uses catch. If you love the Quake Live game, you are going to love this subreddit.

Quake Live History

Quake Live had humble beginnings as a browser-based game, similar to many media monitoring solutions. Not many new Quake lives fans are aware of this. Before it became available on its own platform, Quake Life was played via internet browser. Obviously, the game has come a long way. This is a fun fact that Quake live fans are sure to love knowing.

Quake Live was a new and exciting addition to the Quake series for many gamers. However, if you were looking forward to a different storyline or a free download, Quake is not the game for you. If you do not mind paying the money for super smooth graphics, Quake Live could be yours in minutes from Steam. Then you can use the power of nen to help you dominate the game.

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