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Must-Have Real Estate CRM Software Features To Beat The Competition

Real estate CRM software can be immensely helpful for streamlining essential business processes. These real estate CRM solutions are numerous, and most will help you improve efficiency and organization at your business. However, it can be hard to narrow down the field of competitors to pick the absolute best real estate CRM for your business. Keep reading below to learn the key features your CRM solution must have in order to be most effective.

Cloud Availability

All of the best real estate CRM solutions are heading to the cloud. If you want the most modern technology available, your CRM software should definitely be cloud-based. Cloud real estate CRM software allows for improved productivity because it grants access to employees from anywhere with a WiFi connection. If you want a CRM software that is available anywhere and everywhere, make sure you choose a cloud-based solution.

Email Integration

You want to be sure that any CRM software for real estate that you consider integrates with email providers. This will make it easier to contact potential leads with your outlook email account. It also makes it easier to communicate with existing clients. Client communication is, perhaps, the most crucial part of real estate business. Make sure any real estate CRM solutions you consider offer email integrations, so you do not have to supplement with another software.

User-Friendly Mobile App

All CRM solutions in consideration should have a mobile app that is intuitive and easy to use. Real estate agents are constantly on-the-go. They do not always have the opportunity to sit at a desk or laptop for an hour or two completing their daily tasks. CRM software with a mobile app makes it easy to stay on top of everything no matter where you are. In addition, it is a huge benefit that you do not need WiFi to access a CRM solution’s mobile app. You will never have to worry about any employee going off the grid. This is a must-have if you are looking for the absolute best CRM software for real estate.

Analytics Capabilities

You absolutely want your CRM solution to have analytics features. All of the harvested data in the world means nothing without being able to relate it to what it means for your particular business. Intelligent analytics features will allow you access to quantifiable measurements that help you determine the odds of deals closing or prospective leads turning into clients. A real estate CRM with IDX could help you outperform the competition. That is why it is a must have for any commercial real estate CRM software you consider.

Relationship Marketing Tools

The most important of all the possible real estate CRM features is a great relationship marketing tool, like automated follow up reminders. Without relationship marketing tools, your real estate business will be at a disadvantage. Following up with potential clients is one of the most important factors of doing business in the real estate sector. You do not want to fall into the digital divide. Make sure any CRM software you consider for your real estate business has comprehensive follow-up marketing tools in order to keep up with the competition.

If you own a real estate business and are looking for the top real estate CRM software available, consider the must have features mentioned above. These CRM software features are a necessity for any real estate business. These features will help you keep up with clients on-the-go. They will also help to grant you an edge over the competition by providing insight to otherwise confusing analytics and media tracking data. If you want to turn more leads into clients, make sure you pick the best CRM solution for your real estate business by picking one with all the features mentioned above.

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