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5 Types Of Real Time Bidding Software Platforms

Advertisers and developers utilize real time bidding software to serve advertisements to audiences across different platforms. For every impression on a website or app page, a live auction takes place and the advertiser who wins the auction has their ad displayed. As you can imagine, developers must work extremely hard to ensure that the real time bidding software conducts the auction instantaneously. Otherwise, the advertising platform and publisher could lose revenues. Moreover, the buyers’ digital advertising strategies could be impacted negatively. Thus, choosing the right real-time bidding software platform should be carefully considered. To make the process easier, we explain the different types of real time bidding software available on the market.

Open Source Real Time Bidding

Initially, you may want to explore the open source software for real time bidding (RTB) options. There are quite a few types of open source RTB platforms. You can easily find them supported by communities on GitHub or other repositories. It is great if you can build your bidding software on an open platform because you won’t have to pay any licensing or subscription fees. On the other hand, open source software can have vulnerabilities that may or may not get updated regularly. You would have to balance the tradeoff of flexibility and security when deciding on an open source real time bidding software.

Customized Bidding Software

Of course, you could always develop your own bidding software. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel entirely. However, if your real-time bidding technology is unique enough for your digital dreams, you could build it from scratch. As long as you don’t infringe on anyone’s licensed source code, the software would be complete customized. If your project is a step in a totally different direction, than you might want to go the custom development route. It could help break real time bidding software into new industries altogether.

Ad Server Platforms

Next, you can buy an ad server platform that comes with a complete ad server, supply-side platform and demand-side platform. Depending on the auction results for ad space, the ad server will connect with either platform to serve the right ads. It checks for any data about the user and if there is an opportunity for an advertiser to pay a premium for that impression. Certainly, these ad server platforms are already set with integrated real-time bidding solutions so that your can implement it directly into your project.

Proprietary Real Time Bidding Platforms

Moreover, you can invest in proprietary real time bidding software. In this type of software, a private company will license their real time bidding technology to you. They will assist in the implementation and deployment of the platform. You can think of these proprietary providers as partners. While they can come with a cheap price tag, they could save you years of development and offer instant access to the latest bidding technology on the market.

Cloud Based Real Time Bidding

We have to include the impact of cloud on these types of software. Instead of developing everything in house, you can use almost any type of ad server and deploy the real time bidding process to the cloud. This allows for instant scalability and nearly unlimited capacity that comes with cloud hosting companies. More so, the speed of cloud allows the auctions to take place even faster around the globe. As bidding decisions are delivered quicker, all parties in the advertising process are benefited, including the end user. To leverage speed and scale, you may want to consider a cloud bidding platform.

You have many options for deploying real time bidding software. These RTB platforms can be found in open source, newly developed projects or service platforms. As your demands grow, you may want to consider working with proprietary software partners and leveraging cloud bidding solutions. Choosing the right bidding software will help your project maximize its advertising revenues in the short term and long term.

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