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Why Media Monitoring Software Is A Must For Small Business PR Teams

It’s been a long time since you actually wrote company tweets and posts personally. You still love and feel the brand, but your role has changed and sales are through the roof. How do you keep up with the engagement? How do you keep up with customers? The answer is media tracking software.


Most people who use media tracking tools need to measure and analyze their public relations outreach efforts. However, when is the right time to invest in enterprise solutions for media tracking? Well, it really depends on how large your outreach is. You must have a set budget for investing in media monitoring. Once you have your budget, you can shop for enterprise solutions.

Why Invest In Media Monitoring?

Here are some of the top reasons to invest in enterprise media monitoring. They will help take your company to the next level while growing a larger customer base. You might find that the intangibles, which are tricky to track to your bottom line, are very impressive, similar to Beeline services.

Millions of channels. Enterprise monitoring solutions allow you to track literally millions of different channels. This is everything from Twitter and Facebook to magazines and publications. They provide live, real-time updates on your brand. Many of the other channels include broadcasting, radio, TV, news outlets and more.

In-depth analytics. Reports and data you receive from enterprise solutions are much more robust. They will help you find new trends, keywords and opportunities for influence and for interstitial ads. They also help you connect with key people talking about your brand or industry. With better data at hand, it is easier to make better decisions.

Forging customer loyalty. Using media monitoring software will help you forge or foster customer loyalty. If you are a burgeoning business, this is an incredible benefit to take advantage of. Monitoring your social media will allow you the capabilities to foster customer loyalty so you never have to worry about poor customer retention rates ever again.

Help identifying users talking about your brand. Tracking media mentions allows you to identify users frequently discussing your brand online. When used with Hootsuite adding hashtag streams, this is incredibly impactful. This provides a great opportunity to contact those influencers, bloggers or users. When you engage with people who talk about your brand, they will be more likely to speak positively of your business. Media monitoring software makes it easier to engage with people who mention your brand.

Top-quality support. Most companies need time to work on their business. They don’t always want to be tracking their mentions and customer service to the point where it takes away from the actual business. It should, instead, reinforce what the company stands for while growing more market share. Having an enterprise media monitoring software will give you added support. This means less time wondering and more time analyzing.

Solutions customization. At lower level monitoring software, what you see what is what you get. However, at the enterprise level, you have more options to customize all the data accumulated across your media channels. You can expect to be able to brand your own portal and customize the way analysis reports are done. This leads to more innovative solutions and dollars to your bottom line, without having to learn PHP for beginners.

Full Integration For Live Reporting

With media monitoring software, you can combine the live time feeds of all your channels. These channels can include everything across social media, news and blogging platforms. When monitoring brand mentions, your software will be able to identify trends, developments and opportunities in real time, just like accutype. With that kind of coverage, you team can track all digital or print campaigns 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

These are just some of the major reasons to go with an enterprise model for media monitoring. However, the investment must be within your budget and affordable for your company. There is no use in taking away essential capital from the base of your business. If you plan accordingly, this can make a great investment for your brand.

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