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Supercomputing Conference 2017 Re-Imagines Urban Life In Smart Cities

The next generation of supercomputers are already here. They’re being showcased at the worlds largest supercomputing conference and used by major corporations and institutions. But, what happens when the industry leaders of high processing computing come together? They crunch a lot of data.


Unless you have been living under a rock and still think Wintel is a thing, you know that super computing is on the horizon. Companies are investing gigantic budgets into supercomputing to unlock better insights and information from their data. Formerly known as high processing computing or HPC, the technology focuses on computers and databases with the ability to handle the most complex processes and systems.

The main event for anyone in the HPC industry is the SuperComputing conference. A couple years ago, the SC14 conference was held in New Orleans. There were over 10,000 attendees and 356 exhibitors from all industries, hoping to make the next major supercomputer breakthrough with HPC technology. The conference was the largest one yet, featuring 358 events that included:

  • Birds-of-a-Feathers
  • White Papers
  • Panels
  • Posters
  • Research Projects
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops
  • Distinguished speakers

An obvious success, the conference featured information from industry leaders. Companies like Dell released new products like the new PowerEdge C4130 Super Computer for HPC. Others represented A growing IT job sector, recruiting in job fair on site.

The event was sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Attendees were able to learn about new ways of using high-performance computing too drive innovation in Scientific discovery, research, healthcare, business and education.

SC16 Conference

The most recent supercomputing conference, SC16, a lot of developments were announced. For one, the supercomputing company Silicon Graphics announced that it had been purchased by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The SC conference also identified some key trends for the year, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In addition, water-cooled servers were discussed, as well as further infrastructure production for exotic liquids. Now you know why so many people mention they want to attend the supercomputing conferences each year on their Google timeline.

SC17 Conference

The SC17 conference happened in November at the Colorado Convention Center. Attendees were treated to a keynote on “Life, the Universe & Computing: The Story of the SKA Telescope.” In addition, they learned about the era of Smart Cities and the ways in which urban life can be reimagined with new technologies. The conference also included the traditional awards ceremony that everyone has come to expect. These topics are way more exciting than learning about Google Mail features for the millionth time. Clearly, these supercomputing conferences do not disappoint for those in the field.

About SC Conference

The SC conference is organized by The International Conference for High Performance Computing Networking, Storage, and Analysis. The conference features a technical program that continues to grow annually. With over 5,000 participants, the conferences have become a highly beneficial experience. They help those in the field to explore the ways in which modern devices impact relationships and society at large.  If you are a researcher, scientist or application developer, there is something for you at each super computing conference.

The next conference is coming up in November of 2016. To sign up, you can check out the SC conference website to register. Of course, you can attend as a member, visitor or presenter too.

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