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5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Recycle iPhones And Tablets

As a society, we love our devices. However, there comes a time when each of these gadgets reaches the end of its usable life. At this point, many iPhones and Tablets turn into electronic waste. This process can be harmful to the environment. It is also largely unnecessary. There are tons of safe methods for disposing of old electronics. No matter where you live, there are systems in place to recycle iPhones and Tablets. There are also many creative ways to adapt these devices for continued use. This way, the iPhones and Tablets that you know and love never end up in a landfill. There are dozens of ways you can recycle iPhone and phone alternatives. Here are a few Eco-friendly ways to recycle iPhones and Tablets.

Apple’s Recycling Program

You can recycle your old iPhones and Tablets using Apple’s recycling program. In 2014, the company publicly acknowledged the problem of electronic disposal. Since then, they have collected more than 40,000 tons of waste. Once Apple receives a device, they test it for continued use. Qualified products are sold in a secondary market to extend the device’s life. The rest of the iPhones and Tablets are disassembled and their parts are recycled accordingly. This is done using a disassembly robot called “Liam”. This robot can disassemble more than 2.4 million devices a year. By making this process more efficient, Apple has been able to give new life to high quality device components. This reduces the need for the company to mine for additional resources. You can recycle your old device in an Eco-friendly manor with Apple’s recycling program.

Use A Collection Kiosk

You can also use a collection kiosk to recycle your old device. These kiosks are set up by third-party organizations. These companies specialize in recycling devices for parts or continued use. You can find collection kiosks in high traffic areas like coffee shops or other frequented businesses. These booths often employ automated machines for collection. You will likely find these machines near the checkout line at your local grocery store. Kiosks accept devices from any era and in any condition. They even offer money in return. Depending on the quality of the gadget, you can receive anywhere from a few to a few hundred dollars on the spot. This number is based on the value of the device or the individual recycled materials. Find a collection kiosk near you to trade your old iPhones and Tablets for cash.

Donate It

You also have the option to donate your old device. Whether you have a brand new or used iPhone, there are several ways to donate your device. There are many charities and nonprofits who specialize in this task. With a receipt, this donation can even be deducted from next year’s tax return. By donating your old devices, you can support a variety of good causes. Some of these charities specialize in responsible recycling methods. Others refurbish your old iPhones and Tablets. Then, they get them into the hands of people in need. This may include children who cannot afford a computer to do their homework. A few nonprofits also aim to close the digital divide in developing countries. No matter what organization you choose, you can be sure they are using your device to make a difference in the world. Recycle iPhones and Tablets by donating them to charity.

Make A Universal Remote

Another creative way to recycle iPhones and Tablets is to turn them into something new. One option is to turn your old device into a universal remote. With the rise of smart devices in the home, this is one of the most popular ways to reuse your old iPhones and Tablets. When reconfigured correctly, you can connect your smartphone to TV’s, air conditioners, and other devices that normally use a remote control. First, you must enable infrared (IR) connectivity to your device. This ensures that remote commands are always entered. You can add an IR blaster to our device with a third-party accessory. Another option is to purchase an IR base hub for your home. Once this is configured, all you need to do is download a free software solution. This will enable you to control all of the smart devices in your home. Recycle iPhones and Tablets by turning them into a universal remote.

Create An eReader

Lastly, turn your old smartphone into an eReader. Just because it can no longer make calls does not mean your device is useless. There are several apps you can download to read books on your old iPhones and Tablets. Still, on their own these devices lack that “e-reader feel.” You can remedy this by encasing your device in a notebook. This adds a tactile element to your reading experience and disguises your old phone. The project requires a notebook, an X-Acto knife and some PVA glue. And, of course, your old iPhone or Tablet. The result brings you an e-book reading experience without having to purchase a new gadget. Creating an eReader is another eco-friendly way to recycle your old device.

Consumers want to know how they can recycle iPhones and Tablets in an eco-friendly manor. One option is to use Apple’s recycling program to give new life to your device. Additionally, trade your old iPhones and Tablets for cash at a collection kiosk. Support a worthy cause by donating your gadgets to a nonprofit or charity organization. You can also repurpose your device to make a universal remote for your home. Furthermore, with a little bit of DIY, turn your old gadget into an eReader. These are a few eco-friendly ways to recycle iPhones and Tablets.

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