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What Is Responsive Web Design In The Tech World?

Having a website these days is often not enough to ensure traffic on a page. The more people visit, the more popular it gets and brings in more free online traffic and more profit – this is the simplest explanation. However, to make a website truly attractive, every web page owner ought to take care of a responsive web design. What does this mean, and how to create such a platform? All answers are in the article below.

Responsive Web Design Explained

Responsive web design is a modern necessity. It is a certain type of approach that allows designing a web page that automatically answers to the user’s needs – or, simply, responds to them. In other words, a responsive website is such a platform that adjusts the whole layout to a given device. As a result, the use of a web page is easy and comfortable.

A website reacts to the user’s behavior but also to the environment, including screen size, orientation and such. graphic design elements, fonts and all other elements are modified according to the settings of a given device – be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. All in all, there might be different, fast-changing trends in website design, but one thing always remains true. Every successful website should be responsive.

How Does Responsive Design Work?

Creating a website that will automatically respond to the user’s behavior and needs is not an easy task. Of course, there are website solutions to assist new designers. Designers work through the use of CSS – Cascading Style Sheets, and the choice of settings that answer to the device’s characteristics. Media queries, fluid layouts or scripts are only examples of tools used in responsive design.

If you are not sure whether your website is responsive, you can easily check that. One of the ways is the use of a web browser. After getting on your website and using a certain combination of keys on a keyboard (Ctrl + Shift + I and Ctrl + Shift + M), you need to select a view from different devices, including smartphones and tablets. The layout should change to a mobile one. You can also use some free tools available online. It’s worth remembering that mobile-friendliness is not the same as responsiveness, as the former can be achieved by the means of other approaches, not only responsive design.

Why Does Responsive Design Matter?

You might wonder why do you need to take care of such matters as responsive design. After all, it’s not that the site doesn’t work on mobile devices at all, because it does. Nevertheless, responsive design is crucial. Why? Most of all because it translates to the user’s comfort and convenience. More often than not, a customer that was satisfied with the use of a website comes back for another purchase of goods or services. Therefore, responsive design is critical to secure customer satisfaction.

There are, however, other reasons for the implementation of a responsive design approach. It’s a great facilitation for web designers, as well as for interface designers or web developers. Mostly because they don’t have to spend their time creating web page layouts for every device that exists.

Let’s go back to the users. Every website is created not for the mere fact of its existence but for the regular customers and potential customers. Their comfort should be always kept in mind. Of course, you can set up website reviews to learn how your consumers feel about your site. A user that visits a website on a mobile phone, cannot see half of the content, the buttons are hidden, and they need to move around the website not by scrolling but going in every direction, is not likely to come back.

What is more, a majority of users, even if they do use PC and laptops, very often want to use your service or buy your product when they are not at home. And they will if you let them. An example might be an online casino – those who like to play might want to do that on their mobile phones. The platforms should allow them this by giving them access to safe, secure and responsive mobile casinos. When they visit sites like and find options to play on their mobile devices, the chances they will play are higher.

Responsive design is crucial for any website that wants to attract customers, generate online website traffic and, as a result, make greater profits. These days, everyone uses their smartphones and tablets on an everyday basis, even for shopping.

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