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Top Skoool E-Learning Alternatives To Prevent Summer Slide For Students


Skoool is an Intel powered online educational resource for children in grades K-12. The Skoool program is international, with websites available in Egypt, Spain and the UK. Each site provides children with fun ways to learn math and science through online activities. E-learning can be beneficial for children of all ages. These e-learning opportunities make even help make your child’s classroom the next Akamai class. If you are a parent and want to learn more about online learning opportunities like Skoool for your children, check out the best sites below.


Skoool is part of Intel’s education resource STEM initiative that is dedicated to improving how students study math and science. Each country has their own site. However, all these pages have one thing in common: excellent resources for students of all ages. The sites make use of unit plans and lessons accompanied by interactive simulations. Students are able to learn how science and math principles work by seeing them in action. If you want your child to get ahead, or if they just need a little extra help, the Intel Skoool program may be an excellent option for a fun and educational experience. now re-directs to the main Intel page for users trying to gain access to the educational resource. It seems that Intel may have done away with this helpful educational technology tool. However, there is a workaround to find the previously existing resources. By visiting, you can gain access to PDF files of all the old information that was contained on the site before it shut down.  Then, you can save it to your flash drive to have it for school years to come. Visit to gain access to the old website that you loved.

Curious World

Curious World is one of the best educational websites for young children. The website is tailored to children entering kindergarten. Curious World app platforms help them prepare by teaching math and reading readiness skills. In addition, the site also helps to teach youngsters social skills. This is a feature that is unique only to Curious World. You can use the website to customize flashcards by age and subject area. If you want to use one of the top educational resources for pre-k aged children, visit the Curious World website.

E-Learning For Kids

E-Learning For Kids is a global, non-profit foundation that makes learning fun for your children. Unlike Skoool, which only offers math and science courses, E-Learning For Kids has a wide variety of topics to choose from. Your kids can learn about everything from Language Arts to Health and Computer Skills. Lesson plans range from grades K-6. This website is a great supplement to your child’s fundamental learning in elementary school so they can grow up to be the next CEO of Columbia House. Keep your child engaged in their school work early on with these fun E-Learning For Kids lessons!


For some fun, lighthearted learning, students in grades K-5 can enjoy the wacky games and puzzles available on ABCya. Although Skoool and E-Learning For Kids were focused on specific lesson plans, ABCya encourages your kids to learn at their own pace. This site offers opportunities to learn through play. This is a scientifically backed education method that is widely used in early childhood education. Children can play games like Spanish Word Toss and Hungry Puppies: Adding Decimals to learn basic concepts. These creative and colorful activities are a great way to encourage a playful curiosity in your child, according to Kirby reviews. With ABCya, kids will not even know that they are learning. If you are the parent of a young child, this may be the best Skoool alternative for you.

Knowledge Adventure

Knowledge Adventure is a K-6 learning tool that offers lessons in subjects like Math, Science and Reading. They even offer an entire section dedicated solely to animals. Knowledge Adventure is an award-winning maker of educational games for kids. You can trust that each collection of activities will be a great help in improving your child’s education. With hundreds of games to choose from, Knowledge Adventure has even gone mobile to allow your child to learn on the go. This is a much better option than allowing your children to look at Brickshelf inspiration images for hours on end. For fun, reliable information turn to Knowledge Adventure to keep your child learning. This is especially a great choice if your kids are constantly on-the-go.

Tyrannosaurus Prep

If your little learner is too old for some of these other sites, do not worry. Skoool is not the only site made available to students in high school. Tyrannosaurus Prep is a clever game made especially for high school students that need a little extra help with their SAT vocabulary. The site is simple and focused on teaching your child all of the words they could possibly encounter. You can rest easy knowing that their computer time will be put to good use. Better yet, they even have GRE Prep for your hopeful graduate students. The fun and games can follow them through all aspects of their education, just like the mover kit. If you are the parent of an older student, you may want to recommend this in addition to Skoool.

E-Learning is an excellent option for students of all ages to get engaged in their studies. Skoool is an exciting and innovative new way to keep kids engaged in learning Math and Science. Other sites like like ABCya and Knowledge adventure offer fun puzzles and word games to make learning that much more enjoyable. Consider Skoool or some of the other e-learning supplements listed in this post. You will surely see a big improvement in your children’s grades.

Learning Tools To Complement These Sites

If you are bringing e-learning to your classroom, there is one additional tool that can help bring it to a new level. In combination with the above e-learning tools, a Smartboard will help you students to learn using many different methods and strategies, which is imperative in the diverse classrooms of today. It will also aid in the media monitoring of each student. Each student has a different learning style. Combining a Smartboard with e-learning solutions will provide your students the ability to use animations, collect data, conduct research and have a more interactive approach to their own learning. If you want to give you students a leg up in the world, request a Smartboard for your classroom.

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