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How Security Cameras Improve Employee Accountability And Safety

Although you may have done a great job of putting a staff together that is trustworthy, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be security challenges for your business that you will have a hard time overcoming unless you have some form of security equipment.

Here are some ways that security cameras can make a positive difference in your business:

Replacing Security Watchpeople:

In the space of a few years, much of San Diego has converted its daytime and nighttime business security setup to one that features cameras that are controlled over the Internet. The reason is that when you pool supplicant security guards and ask them to view surveillance video online from where ever they would like to work, you end up with a less expensive, more cohesive set of results. Of course one downside to having people ‘voyeur’ your business so they can find potential problems is the possibility that your actual security people will break rules.

There have been tens of problems in San Diego with security camera guards following attractive customers on film and keeping track of their habits over time, even when they have done nothing wrong. When those problems occur, the synergy that comes from having several locations networked at the same time is negated.

So when you go to add a camera network to your firm, ensure that you set and publish guidelines that will keep your company free from possible lawsuits from legal masterminds.

Keeps Everyone Honest

When you use business security cameras, you are helping to keep both your employees and your customers honest. It is just a fact that when people know they are being watched by digital cameras or surveillance monitoring, they are more honest. Theft is much less likely in businesses with security cameras. If you want to protect your business from theft on either side of the operation, get security cameras for your business.

Aiding In Automation:

One of the hottest words in warehousing is automation using cameras and software that help direct people and resources to the right place more efficiently. Automation shops are able to use security cameras in two different ways. The first way that they are able to use security cameras is to snap into the network and visually aid the system as it makes decisions on pick lists and routing. Cameras can also be helpful when you are policing or providing security to your inventory control area while automation is running. If you are like companies that have full automation, you won’t have any workers in your warehouse. Your systems will run like drones- with your security cameras providing an important window for managers to monitor.

Keeping Your Workers Safe:

Another way that security cameras can be put to use is in your offices. They will be a much better investment than buying a new Das keyboard for each worker. Worker safety is always a concern from an industrial mishap standpoint. At the same time, there are also a lot of personal safety requirements when it comes to creating an environment that provides individual workers with the feeling that they have the security that they need to perform well.

One man, hired as a security consultant by a small firm, was told to test their office environment. He walked in disguised as a package delivery man. He told the front desk person that he absolutely needed to have the package signed for. When she buzzed him in, he instead went to the IT laboratory and removed the main file server for the company. He opened the package that he brought with him and put the server into the box, and then re-wrapped it. He walked out with the server and explained he could not find the recipient. In the space of a few minutes, he removed a lot of security integrity for that particular company.

With the right type of networked dome cameras, providing the level of security that your clients and employees expect and deserve can be a reality.

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