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4 Ways SEO Helps You Promote Your Website

It is common knowledge that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for your website to show up in Google and other search engine results. Perhaps you’ve been working SEO into your marketing plan. But what are the benefits – really? There are several clear advantages to SEO. Here are just a few of them.

Start with Your Keywords and Phrases

Search engine ranking in top positions can result in significant traffic increases through impressions and click through. Effective SEO uses a variety of techniques including the use of key words and phrases both in your metadata and the text on your webpage to help search engines understand what your page is all about. The result is increased web traffic to your site.

As you implement SEO marketing techniques, your website will become more searchable as well. The same strategies that affect rankings also make pages within the website easier to find and to navigate to from the main menu. Search engines to see your page more easily, and users can find information on your website without trouble.

Brand Awareness

When people hear about your site, they will want to look it up, but they may not remember the name someone told them right away. However, if they know the type of your business and where you are located, they will probably recognize your brand when they see it.

Once they are reminded and they use your service or product, they will be able to tell their friends as well. To facilitate this brand awareness and spreading word of mouth, here are some things you can try using a successful blog:

  • Email Sign Ups – Offer to send new posts to readers via email. Create an email sign up button and install a program that will send an email to them each time you update your blog or website. This can be done either through an RSS feed or a newsletter format. Another popular way to do this is to auto generate emails from your blog.
  • Get and Keep Reader’s Attention – Create compelling titles and descriptions to attract attention to your post and engage the reader immediately. Choose powerful words, be clear, relevant and not misleading.
  • Use Clear Links – Try using a link in a full sentence and, preferably, one that incorporates the full title of the page you are linking to. For instance, “choose to work remotely if you can (link to related article) or even start your own freelance business.
  • Social Media ButtonsInclude buttons for social media both to follow your accounts and share. One of these should be an RSS. If your hosting service does not include one, find and implement a plug-in.

Measure ROI and Cost Effectiveness

SEO provides measurable results, so you can see what aspects of the strategy are working, like increases in organic traffic, website bandwidth and search ranking positions using Google analytics or even your WordPress dashboard or plugins. This gives you the ability to see demographic information and other engagement activities for individuals who have visited your website. This helps you measure and leverage the paths users take in order to complete a sale, which keyword they used to search for your site, and other information that helps you calculate the value of your SEO strategy.

By using SEO, you tap into one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. Users who are targeted are actively looking for products and services. SEO is much more effective than strategies like cold-calling. The traffic coming to your site is made up of those who are already interested in your products or services.

Higher Conversion Rates

Traffic is not just about getting users to your site, but getting them to take the action you want them to take. Good one site SEO means the traffic that comes includes potential customers who are looking for specific products, services, or information and are more likely to purchase from businesses near the top of a search engine’s page. This is one of the many reasons those first page rankings make such a huge difference, as well as the things a business actually ranks for.

While there are many ways to stay visible with your target audience, many of them require much more effort than SEO optimizing your website. Although you will have to optimize new content, once a page is SEO-optimized the SEO tools will continue to do most of the work for you. It will take minimal maintenance to keep it going strong.

Clearly, the work put into optimizing SEO at the onset can boost your ranking and visibility while, for the most part, passively driving interested searchers to your site.

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