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How To Set Up A Dog Fence Wireless System At Home

There are several steps to set up a dog fence wireless system at home. Set up should take less than a day while dog training should take at least 2 weeks. Start by investing in a trusted dog fence manufacturer. Ensure all contents are included in your wireless fencing package including collars, flags, base unit and base unit power adapters. As a dog parent, you should use a wireless dog fence so your dog can roam your property freely without you having to keep an eagle eye. Follow below to set up dog fence wireless system on your property.

Find A Digital Transmitter Location

Start the wireless dog fence installation process by finding a location for your transmitter. First, determine how much space you want to cover. Most systems include transmitter reach of about 25 acres. Invest in a higher-powered transmitter to enclose larger areas. Place flags to mark the containment area and connect the transmitter. Transmitters must be kept indoors in a safe and dry area. Do not place the transmitter near a breaker box as it could cause interference problems. Definitely find a safe place for your transmitter.

Follow Fence Principles

Secondly, follow fence principles when setting up your wireless dog fence. There may be some obstacles during installation. Figure out how amenities such as sidewalks and driveways play into your installation. Of course, determine how you will handle tree roots or under ground objects when placing your flags. More so, the fence is made to limit your pet. Therefore, you should make it as wide as possible so your dog can play while staying a couple feet from the flags. You should also note where your utility wiring is placed. If you place the flags too close to the wiring, there could be complications with the fence. Certainly follow fence principle when installing your dog fence.

Determine Containment Area

Next, determine your containment area or pet zone. Depending on the fence you purchased, your radius can be anywhere between 90 and 250 feet. You can set the radius by picking a mode and activating the GPS tracking collar. Usually, the mode can be adjusted by a knob on the control unit. It could have multiple settings. For the next part, you may need a partner. You should stay in the yard with the collar held at height it would be if your dog was wearing it. Stand in the exact area you want the dog zone to be located. Your partner will be inside changing the radius of the pet zone until the collar starts beeping. The transmitter will connect to the collar as your phone connects to wireless earbuds. Of course determine the containment area when setting up a wireless dog fence.

Know How To Maintain The Collar

Certainly, you need to know how to maintain the collar when setting up your wireless dog fence. After activating the collar, ensure that it is fully charged. If the battery dies while using it, the wireless fence will not prevent your dog from escaping. You may want to invest in a backup. The collar comes with two prongs, one for short hair and one for long hair. These prongs need to be in direct contact with your dog’s skin to work. Of course, you can loosen or tighten the collar as needed. The collar should be removed from your dog while it sleeps and should not be left on for more than 10 hours. Also, do not attach a leash to the collar or pull on the collar. Definitely maintain the collar so it works and doesn’t hurt your dog.

Train Your Dog

Finally, you have finished installing the fence and its time to train your dog. Start by introducing your dog to the new wireless zone. Train him while on a leash for about 15 minutes. Show your dog the flags and explain what they are. Praise him when he listens and doesn’t run pass the flags. Then, introduce static correction. This shows your pup what happens when the collar beeps and how he can correct it. Next, you will practice distractions. Have a friend come by the house and try to persuade your dog out of the dog zone. Do this over time and your dog will become trained. Of course, after at least 2 weeks, your dog will be trained to not leave the containment area.

There are multiple steps to set up a dog fence wirelessly. Start by finding a safe and dry location for your transmitter. Ensure that the flags are in range. Certainly keep track of the obstacles that may occur and follow fence principles. Make sure you leave enough room for your dog to play while keeping their distance from the fence. Next, determine your containment area by working with a partner and activating the collar. Additionally, know how to maintain the collar. Understand when its too loose or too tight on your dog and when it needs to be charge. Finally, train your dog by introducing the barrier flags, static correction and distractions. This is how you set up a dog fence wirelessly.

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