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How To Setup A Text Campaign For SMS Messages

There are several steps to setup a text campaign for SMS messaging. Text messages are much more personal than email, chat or mail communications. These best text SMS campaigns have an organized structure to send out marketing messages and offers. These text campaigns usually follow a bulk text format to emphasize the meaning of the campaign directly. As a business owner, you can communicate news, promotions, sales and more to your customers through text campaigns. In this post, we will discuss how to set up a text campaign for SMS messages.

Determine Type Of Campaign (Push Or Pull)

First, determine if the SMS message will be a push or pull campaign. If your business already has contacts that are opted in, then you can run a push campaign. Push campaigns offer products and services such as promotions, sales and general information to permissible contacts through a database. In contrast, a pull campaign builds a database of phone numbers for future use. Those interested in your services may text in keywords related to the business to join the database. Promote the keyword to your audience by posting signs around your place of business, website and social media pages. Determine if you have enough established contacts to setup a texting push or pull campaign for good smartphones.

Set Up Account

Before sending an SMS text message campaign, you must first set up your account. Start by customizing SMS messaging settings, including contact numbers, keyword references, and target conversion windows. Then, create a unique name for your SMS  marketing campaign. With the proper name chosen, compile a list of approved contacts. This way, they can be easily accessed within your SMS message sending account. Following these tactics, you can compose a well-structured text campaign for SMS messages. Certainly, set up your account to configure a profitable, successful text campaign for SMS messages.

Get Permission From Audience

Next, get permission from your audience to setup a text campaign for SMS marketing. Ask key members of your audience to opt-in to your campaign. People can opt-in through online forms or contest entries. At the same time, you can encourage them to text a keyword to a specific business mobile number. Following these precautions, you can ensure compliance with local laws and CTIA recommendations. At the same time, these efforts protect valuable members of your audience from unwanted solicitation. Surely, get permission to build an audience base and setup your text campaign to retain business success.

Create The Message

With the audience in mind, it is time to create the message within your text campaign for SMS messages. Compile the content in the SMS message field.  Your message can contain up to 160 characters, including spaces and breaks. For messages that exceed 160 characters, the format must be broken up into smaller, more manageable increments. Typically, these contain approximately of 150 characters per text. Before sending your messages, consider running some optional tests. These stimulate message distribution to your desired audience. Once your content is created, you can send out your first text campaign for SMS messages.

Send First Campaign Text

The final step in creating a text campaign for SMS messages is sending out the promotion. All you need to send your first campaign is related keywords and an imported list of permissible recipients. The first SMS message can be a simple text alert, company update, or the targeted marketing campaign. When distributing your first text message, it can be sent out immediately or be scheduled for sending later. After sending your first campaign message, your loyal audience will expect helpful and consistent messages. Compose an engaging and well structured first message to setup a text campaign with SMS. This way, you can promote your website with marketing secrets.

There are several important steps to set up a text campaign for SMS messages. First off, determine whether your text will be push or pull depending on your current or lack of contacts. Next, set up an account to create text campaigns for SMS messages. Afterwards, obtain permission from potential recipients to comply with local laws. Of course, you should also create an engaging message that entices your audience. Now, send out your first campaign text to boost your business marketing strategy. Surely, these components will help you set up a text campaign for SMS messages.

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