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Top Shared Hosting Features To Look For When Building A Website

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting through which the service provider serves the pages of multiple websites, all on the same web server. Whether your a PHP beginner or expert developer, web users should be well aware of the features that come with a shared hosting option. If you plan to create your own website, this type of hosting service may be for you. Keep reading below to find out the top five features of shared hosting so that you can determine if it would work for your website.

Unlimited Storage

Storage is often a big concern for many web users. Hard disk space for code files, databases and media can be made unlimited by your shared hosting provider. This free storage can help keep your website organized. It will also free up your personal storage, which is great for small or first-time website owners. If you want more than just a running website, you may want to consider shared web hosting. Their unlimited storage options could make your decision that much easier.

Pre-Installed Apps

One of the most popular shared hosting sites is WordPress. This one, along with many others, provides pre-installed apps for website owners to use at their convenience. By doing this, shared hosting sites make building and customizing your website quick and easy. These widgets can range from sales to social media, and they can all be added at your discretion. If you want a hosting service that makes building your website a little easier, you may want to consider shared hosting options.

Custom Domain

Many web users are wary of shared hosting sites because they do not allow for customized domains. However, this is not true! Plenty of shared hosting service providers allow users to create their own unique domain. The name can come from your own idea or a domain name generator. If you are afraid of being stuck with an unprofessional URL, fear not. These shared servers provide customers with the freedom to choose their domain name.

Scalable Bandwidth

Scalable bandwidth is another great benefit of shared hosting services. If your dream is to grow your website, then this is something that you should consider. Aside from providing excellent quality service to begin with, many hosts understand that some web users grow out of their shared server. If your site takes off, your web hosting provider could help by providing you with server upgrades. This way, you will not have to leave your original provider should your website become popular. If you want a web hosting service that you can stick with for a long time, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

24/7 Support

Finally, 24/7 support is a key feature of shared hosting services. If you are unable to run your own server, the odds are that you may not be able to troubleshoot website issues on your own. This is where your service provider’s support team comes in. You can come to them with all of your issues and concerns. It is like having your very own IT team! For a web host that provides reliable support at all hours, consider using a shared hosting service.

There are many web hosting options available to different web users. Shared hosting is something to consider if you need reliable support and creative freedom. Before you start building your own website, consider the many features of a shared hosting service.

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