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Common Shipping Mistakes To Avoid When Sending Electronics

Whether you want to send a technology gift to your best friend living abroad, a brand new iPhone to a family member or small macbook accessories to your student child, the process is the same. If you want to avoid shipping problems, then double checking the address, packing the goods properly, using a reliable courier service and checking the delivery timings are fundamental steps that you simply cannot neglect.

It sounds more than obvious, but foreign addresses are more difficult to understand and process because they include numerous codes, street numbers, districts and local places names, which can sometimes prove to be quite confusing. For this reason, checking multiple times number for number and letter for letter the entire address becomes crucial for a successful delivery. Keep in mind that you cannot blame the shipping company for a careless mistake that you made and this might affect you financially if the transport fees are high. When writing and checking the address, consider two important factors: legibility and neatness.

Do Not Send Prohibited Items And Do Not Forget About The Customs Declaration

Ensuring that your parcel complies with regulations by packing and labeling appropriately should represents your number one priority when deciding to send a package overseas. Do not even bother to send prohibited items like sharp or electronic objects, alcohol or antiques because you need special certification for customs clearance, if the specific destination country allows it in the first place.

Many people overlook the country rules and insist upon sending the package anyway, but unfortunately, they are the ones who ultimately have to bear the consequences. Before sending the items abroad, you must attach a customs declaration on the parcel with details regarding the content and its value. For example, shipping tech gadgets like computers, hardware, gaming devices and phones require declaration. If you make the mistake if forgetting this important detail, you will most likely face an unsuccessful delivery.

Choosing the shipping company represents another task that people should complete when planning to send goods abroad. The majority of them fail to perform a detailed research and start an intense selection process in order to find a reliable and cheap international courier. For peace of mind, you can make sure that the courier service provides online tracking.

Do Not Overlook Proper Packing And Checking The Delivery Timing

Even though your shipping company has the responsibility to deliver your consignment in perfect condition, you have to expect a few bumps on the road. For this reason, using the necessary supplies including newspaper or bubble wrap to protect the content is vital. Almost every electronic device is breakable. If you are sending an apple watch or smartwatch, you want to make sure that it is delivered safely.

Apparently, not all people pay close attention to this aspect because many of them complain bad shipping experiences, mostly because their valuable cool tech electronics like TVs and monitors suffered some damage during the process. When the company is at fault, you normally receive a compensation, but if you do not pack the items properly before giving the package to them, then you become the only responsible for the causing such an inconvenient situation. If you have the certainty that you resorted to the services of a competent and reliable international shipping company, then you should not face any problems, unless you make some kind of misunderstanding or mistake, such as not checking the delivery timing and complaining if your technology gift does not arrive at your friend’s address on his birthday.

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