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4 Ways Short Form Content Is Changing Digital Media

Short form content is changing the way we consume media in the modern world. An interesting trend that we are seeing across entertainment is the dilution of entertainment options – gaming, iGaming, TV – into smaller, easily digestible chunks.

As our attention spans continue to shrink, shorter, higher volumes of content help us digest important messages. Weekly installments of TV have been the norm since the conception of the medium. Gaming has offered periodic updates through sequels, re-releases, or even DLC packs to existing games. But the way we choose to consume media today – and how we can fit it into busy lives – necessitates a move towards these bite sized chunks of content. How can we get our entertainment fix in short bursts– and why might we prefer this to longer form content? Read on to learn about the ways short form content is changing digital media.

Online Advertisements

Short, online advertisements are additionally changing how short form entertainment is consumed. Traditionally, lengthy commercials were integrated into popular TV shows, radio programs, and other digital specials. However, modern online advertisements are integrated through social media channels, websites, and streaming services. Through this strategic placement, these ads garner much more attention than traditional commercials. Modern ads are often less than a minute long. These advertisements feature a brief description of product features, or benefits, and is generally carried out through humor or celebrity endorsements.

Film & TV

Quibi is a platform to create movies and TV series in five to eight minutes of content apiece. This enables people to watch them when they have a spare few minutes for watching TV – waiting for the bus, food in the microwave, or to provide a short break from work. The platform’s first week saw 1.7 million downloads with promised content such as a Judge Judy style show with Chrissy Teigen, and Stephen King horror shorts.

So invested in the idea, the company has committed $1.1 bn of funding for original content, which would equate to 8,500 episodes spanning 175 shows. The app, which is solely available on mobile devices, is an entertainment solution for when there is limited time. Instead of doing nothing, the app enables people to watch neatly structured content. For the time-poor or the easily distracted, this may become their prime method of viewing.

iGaming – Online Slots

The online gaming industry has a range of different gaming options – some are designed to be played for longer periods. Others are designed to be played as and when players might want to engage. The style of gameplay means a gaming session can effectively last for as long as a player wants to make it last.

There is a wide range of different titles that encourage players to spend as much or as little time as they choose, as offerings such as the online slots at SkyCity show. Games like The Invisible Man and Vikings Go to Hell are inspired by a more cinematic style of gameplay through their motifs and iconography, while other game are designed to appeal to those who want something shorter to engage with. These slots are designed by specialists.

Video Games – Hyper Casual Gaming

Gaming has always offered the entirety of options for players to engage, and represents some of the most downloaded apps. Some opt for one-level games such as, Angry Birds, or Temple Run, while others can spend hours building their house for The Sims. The rise in battle royale games – embedded with longer campaigns – means players can choose a quickfire game that lasts until they want it to, or a longer gaming experience, which requires more of a time commitment, such as with League of Legends or Animal Crossing. Often, these gaming experiences require specialist equipment, such as gaming PCs or consoles.

The rise of hyper-casual gaming is specifically designed for players who might want to game on mobile devices while they have a short amount of time. Candy Crush Saga, for instance, is one of the most played games globally due to its simple concept and the ability to pick it up and put it down in mere minutes. It is suggested that the instant playability of such titles as well as their replayability are what makes hyper-casual games so popular.

Short form content is revolutionizing the way we consume modern media. As our lives change, the ways we consume entertainment will also adapt. Factors like film, TV, and even commercials are constantly changing to support our shrinking attention spans. At the same time, we see short engaging content through iGaming and traditional video games. Entertainment is a necessity for a fulfilling life. So, when we are feeling the strain of time commitments, being able to engage is short-form content enables us to get our fix, while not eating into too much of our time.

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