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5 Signs You Need A New Hosting Company

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools. If you don’t make sure it serving your visitors to the best of its abilities, you could be leaving money on the table. One of the things that greatly affects how your site runs, is your web host. If you don’t have a good host, your website may be slow. This can also cause you to experience low visitor on-site times, bounces, and even lower conversions. If you think you need to find to a new web host, read these following 5 signs that you may be right about the move.

1. Slow Loading Times

If you are worried that your visitors might be experiencing slow loading times, be sure to check your site’s speed. The July 2018 Google Search update that now factors in the speed of your site for mobile rankings means that you need to have a lightning fast site with good network protocol if you want to be seen when mobile users search on Google.

If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, it isn’t going to place among the top ranking search engine results. Even if your site looks fast when you visit it, that isn’t a good test. Browser caching means that your site is already partly loaded on your end of things but if your visitors are first time visitors they don’t have the cache on their computers for faster loading.

If your images are loading slow and you are experiencing a high bounce rate, it might be time to go elsewhere for your hosting needs.

2. Poor Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important things to pay attention to when you are looking to find a new web host. If you can’t get in touch with customer support when you have a problem, you could experience site downtimes and other problems.

Make sure to see how the hosting provider you are considering provides customer service. Do they only offer email support? Do they have live chat or phone support? Finding out how you will be supported after you’ve been sold is important.

The sales team isn’t the same team that is going to support you after you are sold so make sure that you test the tech side of things and not the team that is bringing revenue into the company.

Make sure to ask customer support technical questions that you know the answer to test their abilities to troubleshoot and provide answers. If you know more than customer support, this might be a problem.

3. High Downtimes

Do you notice that your site has a high downtime. There could be different reasons for your site being down, but if the hosting company you are using is the reason, you need to move. If your site is down when customers come to look at your products and services, you are likely to lose those customers forever. If people are impatient with slow sites, how do you think they feel about websites with 500 errors and 404s?

Not only does your website needs to be able to handle average traffic loads, but they need to be able to handle loads of traffic whenever there is a peak because of a post that went viral or possibly a sale that you are running or a guest blog post that is driving a lot of traffic. Even with efficient HTML5 development, a poor performing host could lead to significant downtime.

4. Possible Lack of Security

If you are worried that your hosting provider is not keeping your information secure, you definitely need to make a move. Having information on the web that is not secure could lead to identity theft and other problems. If you do not protect your user’s information, you could be open to litigation which can be quite expensive.

Making sure that your hosting is secure will keep you safe from lawsuits and keep your customers safe from harm as well. Happy customers are customers that often come back to buy again.

5. Your Hosting Can’t Keep Up With Your Growth

Have you noticed that your website traffic is beginning to grow and you are worried that you aren’t going to be able to keep up with it? If your hosting has you nervous that you are going to max out limitations on their biggest plans, you need to find new hosting right away. Outgrowing a host is a good problem since it means that you are getting a lot of traffic, but if you don’t solve the problem it will become a bad problem.

Before moving your site, consult with your current provider and see if there are biggest packages that will allow you to keep from migrating to another hosting platform. If there are  no other options then you have to make the move to a bigger server that can handle the load that your site is sending to it.

If you know that you need to change servers, don’t worry yourself over the move. Thousands of sites are changing from one host to the other each day and most of those migrations don’t have any problems. Making sure to get rid of any unneeded “trash” on your site before you make the move will make things easier, but besides for that, you also need to update your site to the latest versions possible. If you are using a site like WordPress, make sure you have accepted the latest updates.

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