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How A Simple Portfolio Website Layout Can Impress Your Visitors

One of the best ways to market yourself and your work is through a portfolio website. A strong portfolio website can be hugely useful to designers when building your brand and business. Every portfolio website is different, but there are a few reasons you should consider creating a simple portfolio website.

More Specific To You

A simple portfolio website helps the viewer focus on what’s most important. It’s like taking away the background noise. Center the page around your logo and work, rather than a color scheme or design. Clients will appreciate you clearly outlining the talents you have and services you offer. They also will spend more time on each section if they don’t feel overwhelmed by the simple wordpress theme. Sometimes, keeping your portfolio simple makes it more professional and significant.

Keeps Them Connected

Keeping your online portfolio simple and spacious allows you to easily highlight your contact section. This section should be easy to find so clients can easily reach you. Moreover, you should take advantage of your simple portfolio design and expand on the basic contact section. Instead of just putting in your email and phone number, add a link to a weekly blog, Youtube video or news article. It’s a good idea to direct clients to other projects you’ve done. This way, you can attract more traffic to all your websites instead of overwhelming a potential client from your portfolio.

Easier To Navigate

It’s no secret that minimal websites are easier to explore. A cluttered webpage looks sloppy and feel intimidating. The reader often doesn’t know where to start. A good way to keep your portfolio clean and manageable is to design categories. Grouping your skills, projects or papers will let people easily find information on your website. Ultimately, a simple portfolio will facilitate a smooth viewing experience.

Quality Over Quantity

Instead of getting lost in the details, your viewer will pay most attention to the website’s substance. A simple portfolio doesn’t have to be boring. Using proper HTML5 development and design best practices, your work should be the focal piece. Be confident that your work is strong enough to speak for itself. If you feel like you need to add more information, a time lapse or video can show a lot in a small space. A simple portfolio supports the timeless truth: quality over quantity.

Universally Accepted

A simple portfolio has mass appeal. It ensures that your website reaches a wider audience. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t add your own personality to a portfolio. You should be creative and original in your portfolio. The key is that the UX/UI designer elements doesn’t detract from your work or the viewer’s experience. A simple portfolio layout gives you the opportunity to connect with people with varying tastes.

A good portfolio website will attract a wide range of clients who can take your business to the next level. Keeping your website simple and specific helps emphasize the best of your work. You can sharply show off your style and clearly present your contact information. A website that creates an effortless viewing and navigating experience is more likely to retain visitors. And, the best thing about designing a simple portfolio website is that you can always add more to it.

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