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7 Websites To Learn About Meteorites In Our Solar System

Meteorites are material from the solar system that falls to earth. However, there is much more to meteorites than this simple definition. Facts about meteorites are fascinating for everyone. Whether you are an IT professional in need of a break from ccvp, or just someone looking for fun meteorites facts for people of all ages, check out the various websites below.

Naturally, if you want information on meteorites, the first place you should look is the website by the same name. Using this website, you can find tools to identify meteorites as well as find meteorite dealers to sell a discovered rock fragment or purchase meteorites for sale. This is much better than buying a meteorite print on canvas. The Meteorite Exchange, which is a marketplace and information headquarters, has been in business since 1996. is the leading website for meteorite facts, sales and more.

How To Identify A Meteorite

If you are going to try to sell a meteorite online, you want to be sure that it is, in fact, a meteorite. While you probably do not have an eagle eye for the kind of detail required to identify genuine meteorites, there are specific elements that will aid in conducting a preliminary meteorite identification. These elements are:

  • Fusion Crust
  • Irregular shape
  • Rounded corners
  • Solid, not porous
  • Heavy
  • Black color with possible orange or red spots
  • Magnetic

If your rock has a fusion crust, irregular shape with rounded corners and is solid, heavy black or black/orange/red and magnetic, you probably have a genuine meteorite. However, it is important to know that this is just a preliminary examination. Before selling a meteorite, you should have it investigated at a lab.

Science Kids is an excellent website for teaching children about meteorites. The site is made specifically for kids, so all of the meteorites facts the provide are easy to understand. The meteorites facts on Science Kids are listed in bullets, rather than an intimidating paragraph. Each sentence hosts a wealth of information about the mysterious meteorites we see in the sky. In addition to these fun facts, Science Kids has game and experiments in all areas of science to supplement their learning. You can even store your info using a program like SplashID. If you want to teach your child meteorites facts and much more, Science Kids is the website for you.

If you are interested in buying meteorites, or you just want to look at pretty Picsart app pictures of them, visit the Meteorite Market website. This website features a catalog of photos of all specimens that are available for sale. However, they also provide a ton of additional resources to learn about meteorites. You can browse through list of books about meteorites or learn answers to the most commonly asked questions about meteorites. Regardless of what you choose to use the site for, Meteorite Market is one of the top websites to learn about this space specimen.

Space Facts is another great website with sections all about meteorites. Learn about space with a series of bullets, paragraphs infographic tools and images. They have quick and easy information bulleted on the page, but they also go more in depth in related paragraphs so that you can really understand the subject. The site is easy to maneuver. It contains a series of interesting space facts for everything from the sun to the moon. If you want to expand your knowledge of the universe, Space Facts is an excellent guide.

The Planets is where you will find advanced facts and information about meteorites. This minisite cover a wide range of topics, from different types of meteorites to the most famous meteorites. If you want to see a meteorite in action, they have that covered too. The Planets has a YouTube video embedded on their site, that shows the dangerous descent of a meteorite as it falls to earth. This site is definitely more complex in language, so children may want to stick to Science Kids for their meteorites facts. However, The Planets is an excellent website for older science lovers who want to learn even more about meteorites.

Where better to learn about meteorites while also learning useful energy saving tips and green habits than NASA’s own website? Space enthusiasts will love perusing these detailed pages. NASA has several posts dedicated to meteorites facts. Their “Basic Facts” section will give you a general run-down of meteorites, asteroids and other rocky space objects. The “Galleries” section is full of hdr images of meteorites and their craters. They even have a “10 Need-To-Know Things” section, where you can find the most important facts about meteorites. With so many new things to learn, NASA is definitely one of the best websites for space lovers of all ages. If you want to peruse quick facts and photos or read up on some more in-depth information, is the website for you.

Lunar and Planetary Institute is a great site to learn about meteorites’ properties. There are several educational sections that can teach you about the origin, composition and impacts of meteorites. You can even learn what to do if you experience a meteorite that has landed on Earth. They suggest avoiding touching the rock as you can inadvertently contaminate it with the oils and bacteria from your hands. Of course, don’t listen to silly rumors about meteors such as toxic chemicals or that they can cause human cloning. Certainly look into to learn more about meteorites.

Space is full of mysteries, but meteorites do not have to be one of them. You do not need a MSCE certification to enjoy the fascinating field of astronomy. Meteorites facts are available everywhere online. Whether you want to find fun facts and games for children or you want to do some serious research, you can find out more about meteorites on one of these websites.

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