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Free Microsoft Office Online Improvements For New Enterprise Users


Is becoming increasingly apparent that Microsoft is changing, especially since the recent Office update Mac release. They have dropped weight (like Nokia) and started emphasizing internal collaboration. Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, the technology company is incorporating the cloud into all of its products and service offerings.

OneDrive Test Offerings

Nelson Sui, a program manager at the Microsoft Office Shared Enterprise team, noted that users will be able to communicate continuously upon switching devices as long as connectivity is available. So, Microsoft is implementing a test system into their OneDrive offerings. But, it is not just any messaging system.

Skype Integration

Microsoft is integrating Skype messaging within OneDrive, which will definitely improve your Windows 10 review. The world-famous video chat program will now be directly linked with document processing software like Microsoft Word, Excel and other online products in Office Online. If there were an award for packing the best friends into one online cloud suite, Microsoft would clearly win.

Online Office Solution Improvements

The technology and capacity of the new online office solutions are constantly improving. Clearly, adding Skype will help users maintain across different devices, but also different platforms. It will make collaboration on the cloud even easier while using enterprise tools that businesses are used to.

Enterprise And Personal Offerings

This is great news for businesses and individuals alike, especially those that already use the Microsoft search server program. As Microsoft recently announced, the Skype brand will be used for both Enterprise and personal offerings. Businesses will be able to use the tools and software for premiums (with added value). Meanwhile, individuals will have access to increasingly free quality software by using OneDrive cloud solutions.

Increased Software Adoption

Additionally, Microsoft may notice increased adoption of Skype and Office Online. As current users begin to the use the latest integration of major software platforms, it could cause their contacts to join the platforms. However, we can not be sure if the effect will be noticeable enough to quantify in hard numbers.

Microsoft Office Online

So, does this mean you should give Microsoft Office Online a shot? Without a doubt. As online office solutions have improved, so has Microsoft’s online solutions to create, edit and share documents. Office Online even makes incredible improvements to their offline counterpart, the original Microsoft Office. With improved collaboration features and the ability to save directly to their cloud service, OneDrive, you may find that the online document program entirely replaces your original software. Just remember, you cannot use Office Online for programs like Access or Publisher. But as long as you do not need these two programs, the online version of Microsoft Office is just as good, if not better, than the original.

Microsoft Office Online Programs

Surely, you need to know which programs are available as part of Microsoft Office Online. The programs included are Microsoft Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online. In addition, Office Online apps include Sway, Mail, People, Calendar, OneDrive and However, if you were hoping to gain access to expensive programs like Microsoft Publisher online, you are out of luck. Still, having the option to gain access to the Microsoft Office suite of programs online for free is a huge benefit to take advantage of.

Are you a Skype or office online user? Would you like to have Skype messaging readily available? Would this make any difference to you? Please let us know in the comments below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the latest Microsoft integration.

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