Saturday , 8 May 2021

Revolutionary Smart Contacts Technology Corrects More Than Eyesight

Smart contact lenses are becoming a hot topic of future technology. Consumers are already forgetting about Google and Snapchat smart glasses in favor of these multipurpose devices. In a few years, contact lenses will do much more than correct your eyesight. If you are a consumer interested in learning more about what exciting features these lenses have in store, keep reading below. There, we have listed the top five features that you will see in your future contact lenses.

Built-In Camera

Plenty of different companies have smart lenses in their digital projects, and they all want to bring you a built-in camera. These contact lenses can allow you to take pictures and video with the blink of an eye. Rather than fumbling around for your phone and missing the shot, your wearable devices can translate exactly what you see into a digital image. Samsung and Sony have both made this a top priority in their contact lenses, so this is definitely something to look forward to in the near future.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another contact lens feature that many companies are interested in. Augmented reality allows devices like phones and input digital images or other information into the real world. The Google daydream is one of the more popular examples. By using contact lenses, these companies can take this technology a step further. The smart devices will be able to beam images directly into your retina so that you can see digital displays without the use of a phone or tablet.

Image Stabilization

Obviously, if you are wearing smart contacts, you do not want to have to worry about images of augmented reality and real reality mixing up and bouncing all around within your field of vision. Even the idea of that possibility makes us feel a bit queasy. Thankfully, Sony’s smart contacts patent includes details about image stabilization features. These features will help to ensure that regardless of what the contact lens wearer is doing, their vision is not distorted in any way. This is a must for real world applications of smart contacts lenses. It is nice to know that they have already planned for it, even if it means you will never be able to live in the moment once you start wearing these smart lenses.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is another exciting prospect of smart contacts. Currently, Google and Novartis are working together to create devices that will help consumers in a big way. These contact lenses will be able to monitor glucose levels for diabetic patients. Additionally, they can read blood alcohol content and even sense biomarkers for cancer. While these other features are fun to look forward to, this one could have as significant an impact on the future of healthcare as the Internet of Things.

Eyelid Displays

The next feature we have to look forward to in future contact lenses is eyelid displays. Similar to augmented reality, these devices will be able to stream video and images into a person’s eye. Although it is a small surface, consumers will get a full IMAX experience when they utilize this feature. Smart contact lenses could change the entertainment industry in the blink of an eye.

Store Scanners

The last contact lens feature consumers have to look forward to is store scanners. Using this smart technology, customers and retail workers alike can easily scan barcodes and price tags during a shopping spree. This would be a new form of media monitoring. Maybe, with a little development, these contact lenses could even replace point-of-sale technology entirely.

The development of smart contact lenses is something that all consumers have to look forward to. Whether you wear glasses or not, these little devices could impact your life in a big way. Enhanced medical assistance, instant camera access, virtual reality and store scanners are just some of the ways that smart contacts could be used in the future. If you are always up for learning about the latest in technology, keep an eye out for more developments in smart contact lenses.​

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