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7 Ways SmartOps Inventory Management Tools Optimize Supply Chains

SmartOps is an inventory optimization and supply chain analytics company, founded in 2000. The company was acquired by SAP Inc., a leader in the field of business operations, in 2013. Since then, SmartOps has now become SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization. As a business owner responsible for an enterprise supply chain, you may be interested to know the opportunities SmartOps offers to help you succeed. This post will highlight the top advantages provided by SmartOps that can ensure the future well-being of your business.


SmartOps can help you to ensure timely delivery of all shipments with an interface that is as simple to use as Adobe Soundbooth. At least, that is what they promise to do. SmartOps allows you the necessary information to anticipate consumer needs. You will always have the desired inventory in the right place at the right time to quickly, and correctly, fulfill a customer’s order. If you are having issues with supply and demand, SmartOps, or SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization, may offer you the solution.

Supply Chain Synergy

SmartOps inventory management software allows businesses to reach supply chain synergy. What does that mean exactly? It simply means that all your supply chain management procedures are aligned and optimized to work together. Taking a holistic view of supply chain management and all its many moving parts, including inventory management, is key to effective supply chain management. When you manage inventory using these inventory management tools, you experience supply chain synergy that optimizes your overall supply chain management procedures.


Just as SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization can help you with timeliness, this same information can help you with planning for the future, as well. SmartOps virtualization technology provides you the opportunity to accurately anticipate future consumer needs and desires. With the information provided to you by SAP software, you can plan and prepare accurately. There is no need for guess-work with SmartOps solution. You can rest easy knowing that any plan created with the help of SAP is one you can count on. This advantage is undeniably one of the most important offered to you by SmartOps.

Safety Stock

Perhaps you do not have an issue with low inventory. If you are one of the many business owners that instead have a surplus of safety stock, SmartOps offers a solution for you, as well. SmartOps promises to help you to cut down on safety stock. This will liquidate capital for you, allowing you to put the additional funds back into another area of your business. By helping you to accurately predict future inventory demands, SmartOps will help you better manage your stock levels and your money. This is much more effective than similar Lightbend services. Consider SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization if that pile of safety stock you have is looming over your head and your business like a dark cloud.

Useful Features

If you do decide to use SmartOps inventory management software, you will have access to an incredibly useful SAP ERP feature. Enabling SAP ERP will provide you with recommendations to improve inventory and balance profitable service for both ecommerce platforms and retail locations. These recommendations, prompted by the software, offer specific actions that you can take to improve, leaving frustrating guesswork out of the equation. If you want to improve your inventory management practices, the SAP ERP feature from SmartOps inventory management programs will help you do just that.

Training Courses

Perhaps you are entirely new to the idea of supply chain management and Elcomsoft alternatives. Fear not. There is a course for that. If the thought of figuring out the solution is daunting, it may factor into your decision whether or not to give SmartOps a chance. SAP has a solution for this issue, as well. The company offers SmartOps training programs for any and all interested individuals. IT professionals, supply chain managers and business process consultants are considered the target audience for the course. However, anyone who is interested can, of course, attend. There are no courses scheduled in the near future. But, by visiting the SAP website you can sign up to be notified when the next one is announced. The course, called SCM-EIS (Supply Chain Management – Enterprise Inventory Optimization) Inventory Optimization: Theory and Practice, is offered for $1,950. This is a small price to pay, if you are a novice to the area of supply chain management. The comprehensive course will quickly put you ahead of the pack with the knowledge you can gain. If you are a business owner relatively new to supply chain management, consider this SmartOps course to get you started.

SmartOps Implementation Resources

Another way to familiarize yourself with the implementation of SAP SmartOps Enterprise Inventory Optimization is to read case studies. While this may not seem like the most enjoyable way to learn how to implement SAP software, it is definitely time and cost efficient. There are case studies available that detail how other companies implemented the software and even utilized it’s available marketing automation integration. This is an excellent way to get a feel for how your company should do it. It also provides valuable insight into any problems that may arise or difficulties you may face. If you want an efficient way to learn about SAP implementation, read the case studies offered by SAP experts.

There are many advantages provided by SmartOps to business owners like yourself, regardless of whether you manufacture cartridges or t-shirts. If you are currently experiencing inventory issues, consider SAP. You may wish to improve shipment timeliness, planning, or safety stock levels. If so, SmartOps can help. By attending their SCM-EIS Inventory Optimization course, you will quickly learn how to use the software to its maximum potential for your business. Consider SmartOps, now SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization, for your inventory solutions.

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