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SmartOps Services Acquisition Improves SAP Supply Chain Monitoring


SmartOps was a leader in the computer software industry. By providing businesses like Campbell’s, Pfizer, Dow Chemical and Kellogg with enterprise-class inventory optimization software, SmartOps soon became a leader in the enterprise-class software market. However, the company was acquired by SAP in April of 2013. This was done to help improve SAP’s supply chain monitoring capability, something that had already been mastered by SmartOps. The two companies had worked together for some time prior to the acquisition. Today, SmartOps operates under the SAP name. Below are some of the services SAP has to offer for your business, thanks to their acquisition.

What The Acquisition Promises

The SAP aquisition of SmartOps was a bold move, and executives for both companies promised the move would improve user experience and program capabilities. These companies know that devices impact relationships and work performance, that is why they sought to improve their products. One example of this is SmartOps’ services for an Inventory Optimization Suite. This brought on to expand the sales and operations planning solutions of SAP HANA, enabling further development of a real-time supply chain solution. In addition, SmartOps’ Enterprise Demand Sensing, a cloud-based analytics solution, is expected to enhance SAP Demand Signal Management. This move will allow customers to accurately predict supply chain management needs based on real-time demand. Find out which SAP and SmartOps services are effected by these improvements, and how, below.

SAP Assurance and Compliance Software

SmartOps was acquired by SAP because of their unique success in developing analytics software. It makes sense that SAP now offers a variety of analytics tools to its customers. These offerings are much better than most free database software. SAP analytics products, which were greatly improved after the SmartOps acquisition, feature all of the benefits your business could ask for. One of their most anticipated products is the SAP Assurance and Compliance Software. This is a software bundle of three separate applications. It provides businesses with SAP Fraud Management, SAP Audit Management and SAP Business Partner Screening. All of these services were made possible through the acquisition.The SAP Assurance and Compliance Software is powered by HANA, an in-memory database that was owned by SAP. When SmartOps joined SAP, they were given access to this unique database, allowing them to develop newer and better analytics software.


SmartOps software used to make a product called MIPO, short for Multistage Inventory Planning and Optimization. This multi echelon simulation tool helps business owners to set safety stock and inventory targets. MIPO service level optimizer is product location based, unlike Wrike. Obviously, MIPO integrates to SAP execution systems or planning systems. If you want to benefit from multistage inventory planning and optimization, this is one of those SmartOps services you definitely want to consider using.

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

The SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is a high-performance planning application. This program also runs on the HANA cloud platform. The SAP BusinessObjects Cloud was designed by SmartOps and SAP employees to bring users the simple and efficient interface they needed from their analytics pages. This is very similar to the PCF Citrix Healthcare network in its simplicity. SAP BusinessObjects Cloud provides a combination of planning, business intelligence and predictive analysis. This SmartOps/SAP solution allows businesses to take advantage of native integration and on-premise applications that are guaranteed to improve their day-to-day operations.

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

In addition to SmartOps contributions to analytics, SAP has also come out with supply chain management products thanks to the acquisition. SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) supports business collaborations through strategic planning and evaluation. SAP APO is tightly integrated with other programs that provide sales, materials and products data. This allows businesses to collect all of the information they need to make smarter decisions, unlike a traditional FXO guide. In addition to data, SAP APO also provides sales order confirmation dates, allowing your employees to keep track of when and where your products are going. If you want something that will help to organize your business, this SAP product may have the solutions for you.

SAP Demand Signal Management

SAP’s Demand Signal Management product is powered by the same HANA database that SmartOps utilized for its analytics products. This program provides a scalable, centralized demand signal repository for capturing massive streams of data, much like Telcan. You can keep track of external data to help improve your business’ market visibility. Additionally, you can strengthen your retailer relationships with customizable trade promotions and product offerings. If you want something that will give you a leg up in the market, SAP Demand Signal Management is the one for you.

SmartOps may have been acquired by SAP, but their work continues on through the many SAP products available today. These two companies worked in partnership with one another because SmartOps helped to improve SAP’s software. Now that they have merged, SAP can provide an even greater variety of solutions for businesses like yours.

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